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Hard work always pays off, and now after spending a big deal of time developing and refining our creator, we are thrilled to share with you an exciting update. We are finally going to start on-boarding our awesome, patient people on the wait-list. You’ll receive an invitation soon providing detailed guidelines on how to create an account and start augmenting your reality. If your name is not on the list already, you can request an invite here.

Joining our waitlist will give you priority access to Augmania’s Augmented Reality Platform.

We already started giving exclusive access to the first beta users. Our alpha tests have been completed, thank you to all of you who helped and provided invaluable feedback to help us build the next version of Augmania.

Stay tuned for news through our social networks or our blog. you will receive an email giving you more information and your place in the cue.

If you are a company that can’t wait to use Augmania or needs more information, please contact us through support or via email at

Our Waitlist is getting full! We have a limited amount of spots for users to join on our initial beta launch. We update, clean and review the list every week and we plan on keeping you updated by email.

We are excited to welcome you soon to the world of Augmania’s AR.

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