Augmania Recommends: 10 Marketing Blogs You Need to Follow

At its core, the marketing world is one filled with ever-increasing intricacies. Generally, a marketer needs to be somewhat knowledgeable about all walks of marketing to capitalize on all opportunities. That said, it could take years for one to master a branch of marketing. Yet, mastery of a single marketing branch doesn’t have to guarantee mastery of all other branches. Due to that very mess, marketers are always appreciative of the marketing blogs they put out for each other.

Moreover, a marketer following marketing blogs of different branches can help with inspiration. Then again, it’s also crucial to follow blogs of one’s same marketing branch. Essentially, doing so allows marketers to broaden their horizons as they process the opinions of fellow experts. On that note, we present you our favorite marketing blogs.

1- HubSpot Blog

Without a doubt, HubSpot is an industry leader. By most measures, they dictate which inbound marketing strategies marketers deploy for the best results. In fact, HubSpot founders even coined the term inbound marketing. Hence, it makes sense we start our list with the HubSpot marketing blog. For starters, HubSpot publishes super important customer insights for marketers to devour. Coupled with that, the marketing blog boasts some of the world’s most competent marketing bloggers. At their core, they are clever writers who know how to convert their well-rounded marketing opinions into digestible blog posts.

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Augmania’s Favorite Piece: What Is a Blog, & Why Should You Create One

Specifically, we chose this blog post because it shows one of our favorite things about HubSpot. At HubSpot’s marketing blog, there’s something for everyone. So if you’re a marketing beginner, you’ll find great pieces for beginners. Then, as you become a regular reader, you’ll appreciate the more advanced blogs.

2- Content Marketing Institute Blog

As the godfather of everything related to content marketing, the CMI marketing blog is exceptionally generous. Generally, blog posts there are of the longer form, tackling different topics from all angles. For example, topics include formulating robust content strategies, creating buyer personas, and becoming better storytellers.

Here’s a tremendous example of CMI’s generosity. In our favorite post below, CMI highlights lessons we can learn from the 50 most famous blogs, not just marketing blogs.

Augmania’s Favorite Piece: 50 Most Popular Blogs: Key Lessons

3- Moz Blog

Overall, the Moz marketing blog could very well be your best friend for SEO. From choosing the right keywords to redistributing content, Moz is a guru of SEO how-to’s. In addition, Moz has a highly entertaining video series called Whiteboard Friday.

Augmania’s Favorite Piece: Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing

In comparison to our favorites from other marketing blogs, our favorite Moz piece is quite different. Particularly, that’s because it’s a full guide made up of nine chapters (blog posts). While its reading time could be a hefty investment for you, we assure it would be worth it. The guide teaches you everything you need to know about content marketing from the ground up.

4- Social Media Examiner

Shortly after the idea of social media marketing was born, Social Media Examiner launched in 2009. Fast forward to today, over 60 million have reaped the benefits of this marketing blog. Notably, the marketing blog provides advice on how to maximize business use of Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In addition, Social Media Examiner is popular for its mighty helpful annual reports.

Augmania’s Favorite Piece: 9 Ways to Humanize Your Brand With Social Media

As social media ads become more monstrous, this article sheds light on the importance of showing a human side. It’s a fun read and some of the ways suggested include using emojis and slang!

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5- Disruptive Advertising Blog

When it comes to Pay Per Click advertising, Disruptive Advertising simply gets it. Perhaps, the most perplexing PPC platform is Google Ads. Accordingly, Disruptive Advertising devotes much effort to help businesses get it right through its blog. For example, after auditing 2000 Google Ads accounts, they revealed that only 12% of keywords bring revenue. This major insight and others make Disruptive’s marketing blog a must-read.

Augmania’s Favorite Piece: SEO, PPC or Both? Finding What’s Right For You

It’s the eternal battle between organic and paid. Could SEO be what your business needs to reach its marketing targets? Or is it PPC? Maybe a little bit of both? Well, this awesome blog goes into that issue in length and dives into each’s advantages and setbacks.

6- Email on Acid Blog

If you can’t tell from the name, this marketing blog is a bit edgy. But that could be what email marketing needs to be. Generally, marketers visit the email marketing blog for conversant tips on tracking and testing emails. Additionally, the blog dissects the newest tech to use in emails to stand out such as AR and AI.

Augmania’s Favorite Piece: Use Augmented Reality in Email with Apple’s ARKit 2.0

Alright, do we really need to explain why we love this blog post? It features our favorite tech ever: Augmented Reality. Seriously, though, the post is a full guide on using AR in emails with all its underlying technicalities.

If you are not very familiar with Augmented reality, I recommend checking the Top 5 AR Ted Talks to fully understand the potentials of this technology.

7- Vidyard Blog

Of course, video marketing is a huge part of the marketing scene today as it should be. If you’ve yet to invest in video content, head to the Vidyard blog ASAP. For one, the marketing blog will convince you to enter the video marketing world. Then, it will show you how to do so.

Augmania’s Favorite Piece: How to capture buyers with the explosive power of Bruce Lee’s one-inch punch

Interesting blog title, right?

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Well, the blog post makes an allegory that the secret to video content supremacy is the same as that of legendary Bruce Lee’s punches. I don’t want to spoil it any further. Do give this awesome post read, please!

8- Gevme Blog

Event marketing is another massive discipline of marketing. For valuable insights on event marketing, count on Gevme’s marketing blog. Chiefly, the blog examines ways to make events stand out plus the tools to do so.

Augmania’s Favorite Piece: 11 Hacks to Boost Your Event Marketing Efforts

Generally, attaching the word ‘hacks’ to any blog title is a surefire way to grab attention. However, this blog post is far from clickbait. The 11 hacks it discusses are diverse, unorthodox, and worth a marketer’s time.

9- Guerrilla Hub

If you’re not familiar with guerrilla marketing, it’s the use of low-budget on-ground marketing stunts for maximum results. While some of the most successful marketing campaigns ever are guerrilla-based, guerrilla marketing doesn’t get enough love. Thankfully, Guerrilla Hub is one of the few marketing blogs which explore the weird wonderful world of ‘Guerrilla’.

Augmania’s Favorite Piece: 5 Common Crowd Marketing Mistakes

Unfortunately, Guerrilla Hub doesn’t post all that often. But most of its posts are gems! Our favorite blog post examines the biggest mistakes in crowd marketing. Our favorite thing about it? It’s only 428 words yet it’s still comprehensive. Less writing, more stunting is probably Guerrilla Hub’s motto.

10- Traackr Blog

In 2019, there’s no reason to still think of influencer marketing as controversial. Single-handedly, influencer marketing has put plenty of brands on the map. Thus, it’s the execution that matters. Speaking of which, the Traackr blog is the perfect place to learn how to nail influencer marketing.

Augmania’s Favorite Piece: The No-Longer-Secret Formula for Selecting the Right Influencers for Your Brand

To newbies of influencer marketing, this piece is incredibly insightful. Plus, it features techniques that aren’t that common in other branches of marketing.

What is your go-to marketing blog? Let us know in the comment section!