Must-Attend International SaaS Conferences To Generate A Business Momentum

Full disclosure: we recently committed a clumsy mistake. We published a list of the top SaaS conferences to attend in the US. It was a big ol’ Howdy to all our statesider friends. Then, we felt bad about it. Sure, Augmania is based in the US of A. But, Augmania still wants to be friends with everybody from all over the world. We want to have friends in Europe, Asia, and welp, why not Antarctica too? So as a token of apology, we present you the 5 international SaaS conferences you need to attend in 2019.

Thankfully, SaaS is such a universal language now that it wasn’t hard at all finding international SaaS conferences. Actually, it was pretty hard picking just 5 international SaaS conferences. Nonetheless, our picks are highly diversified. We made it that way so it could fit everyone’s tastes. Whatever you’re setting out to accomplish, you’ll find at least one conference is the perfect destination for that. And because we still feel guilty, we’ll help you decide which ones to attend. That is, if you don’t have any specific goal in mind.

The crucial thing to consider is what value attending one of these international SaaS conferences will give you. Are you looking to demo your products? Are you looking for new hires or even to get hired? You may be attending just for the knowledge. In that case, assess if the knowledge will be worth the money and time you put into a conference. So the important lesson here is to do proper research while fixating on how attending gives you an edge.

Now let’s travel the world! *packs bag and doesn’t forget toothbrush*

1- SaaStr Europa

Coming off the heels of a benchmark-setting SaaStr Annual, SaaStr’s making its presence felt once again this year. Except for this time, it will be in the beautiful Paris with SaaStr Europa. Honestly, we couldn’t recommend a SaaStr conference enough. Augmania was at this year’s Annual and we can tell you it was a blast in every way possible.

The diversity of speakers, the caliber of passionate attendees, and the thoughtful organization made for an outstanding experience. In fact, it was so outstanding we created a blogpost just fangirling about it.

Last year, SaaStr Europa debuted with the slogan: Scale. Share. Learn. This perfectly describes what SaaStr conferences are all about. Sure enough, the international SaaS conference was everything one would expect out of a SaaStr event. Despite that, there was only one setback to the international SaaS conference. It was only one day.

However, all that changes this year. SaaStr Europa is back in 2019 for two days. Organizers say the international SaaS conference will have 200% the content from last year.  Now, that’s something to get excited about. SaaStr Europa takes place on the 12th and 13th of June at Paris’ Maison de la Mutualité.

SaaStr Europe 2019

2- B2B Rocks

The city of lights gets some more love once more with this international SaaS conference. What makes B2B Rocks stand out is undoubtedly the attitude. Quite simply, its organizers pride themselves on holding a conference that guarantees “100% no-bullsh*t”.

As edgy as that sounds, it’s at the core of everything at B2B Rocks. The international SaaS conference strives to be as hands-on as can be with no babbling whatsoever.

One way they do that is by limiting sessions to 25-minute slots of technical insights. Further, the conference is limited to only 500 founders. That way attendees can maximize networking opportunities. B2B Rocks Paris will be on the 12th of September at Station F Campus.

Also, if you happen to live in the land down under, B2B Rocks has got your back. The international SaaS conference takes it to Sydney on the 6th and 7th of June at Lendlease Headquarters.

B2B Rocks

3- Startup Grind Europe

Over 3000 startups, investors, and all-around game-changers are heading to London for Startup Grind Europe. They will all gather to talk everything about their undying passion, entrepreneurship.

The organization behind the international SaaS conference, Startup Grind, is eminently ambitious. It aims to connect and inspire entrepreneurs everywhere on Earth. Duly, it now has over 2000000 connections of entrepreneurs from 125 countries.

The Startup Grind Europe conference is just one of the initiatives the entity takes to support its entrepreneurs. It takes place on June the 6th at the Central Hall Westminster.

Augmania recently attended the Startup Grind Global conference in Silicon Valley and found it mighty insightful. So based on personal experience, we highly suggest you attend Startup Grind Europe.

Augmania at Startup Grind 2019 in the Silicon Valley

4- SaaStock

The “Disneyland for SaaS companies” is how SaaStock puts it. Interestingly, the international SaaS conference’s sessions are divided into bootcamps. Each bootcamp tackles a specific essential for SaaS founders. Last year’s SaaStock had 8 bootcamps. These included growth bootcamp, sales bootcamp, and CEO bootcamp among others.

While the agenda for 2019s SaaStock hasn’t been released, the conference has been growing exponentially from year to year. Thus, it’s expected that the 4th ever SaaStock will be bigger than ever. The international SaaS conference takes place in Dublin as usual between the 14th and 16th of October.


5- Web Summit

Okay, we should be unbiased, but something needs to be clearly stated. Web Summit is where’s it’s at. Period.

Remember the part where we told you to think wisely whether a conference could provide the value you need? Well, whatever value you’re looking for, you’ll sure as day find it at Web Summit. Taking place every year in Lisbon, the international SaaS conference features 24 tracks!

SaaS has it own track called the SaaS Monster. This international SaaS conference focuses on 4 sectors of SaaS: big data, cloud, security, and enterprise technology. For each sector, a group of leading experts holds intensive sessions, workshops, and roundtables.

Best of all, though, if you buy tickets for SaaS Monster you get access to all 24 tracks. Other tracks include Startup University which tackles everything startups. There’s also the appropriately named marketing track, PandaConf. There are tracks for health, sports, cryptocurrency, robots, and pretty much anything you can think of.

Attending sessions from all these tracks is an invaluable advantage that Web Summit offers. It helps attendees find areas of collaboration with industries they’re not involved in. That’s how SaaS entrepreneurs can take the helm and stay ahead of the curve.

Web Summit

To tell you the truth, Portugal may have been famous for Cristiano Ronaldo. But now it’s famous for holding Web Summit. 2019’s 4-day extravaganza takes place from the the 4th to the 7th of November at the Altice Arena.

Also, the people behind Web Summit organize international SaaS conferences in other cities with slightly modified tracks. Toronto has Collision and Hong Kong has RISE. Believe it or not, Sophia the robot, will be a speaker at this year’s RISE!

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