5 SaaS Conferences You Need to Attend This Year

Staying posted with the latest news and trends is a key to success in any industry. Attending conferences is a sure fire way to do just that and more. That’s especially true if you’re in the SaaS world. Conspicuous by its insane pace and diligent workforce, the SaaS field continually rises to new peaks and attracts new eyes. Thus, it’s not surprising that this year’s calendar is filled up with SaaS conferences.

Admittedly, choosing which ones to attend is an arduous task. So as SaaS enthusiasts, we’ve decided to help you out. We’re going to share with you a list of the top 5 US SaaS events of the year. These SaaS events tackle the industry from different angles and attending them serves many purposes. You can attend to look for investments or budding SaaS startups to invest in. You can also search for partners or hires. If personal growth is what you’re looking for, attending can help educate you on areas out of your expertise. No matter what exactly you’re fixing to do in a SaaS event, this list will do.

1- Augmented World Expo

As major sectors of the SaaS industry, AR and VR (collectively XR) need a standalone conference. Enter Augmented World Expo (AWE) , the supreme king of AR/VR events. From Google to Disney, plenty of huge brands have participated throughout AWE’s 10-year history. Last year, nearly 6000 attended AWE to feast their eyes on this XR spectacle.

AWE has 6 stages for talks from a wide variety of XR experts. They come to share all their achievements and advances in XR. In addition, they chime in on what the future holds for XR. Moreover, the expo in Augmented World Expo is a gigantic one. Last year’s AWE boasted 100,000 square feet of exhibition space. Over 250 exhibitors got to showcase over 1000 demos.

Meanwhile, entertainment is another focus of AWE with XR games and art installations. Last but not least, AWE presents its Auggie awards every year for best XR innovation in lots of categories.

We at Augmania as adamant proponents of AR have been attending AWE since 2016. It’s a great immersive environment that forces you to take part in all activities. We head there to demo our Web AR platform. Yet every year we find ourselves networking, playing, and engaging in all sorts of fun stuff.

Our CEO Rania Reda even gave a talk at AWE 2017 about using AR to stand out in marketing. You can check it here:Rania’s Talk

This year’s AWE takes place between May 29 and 31 in Santa Clara, California. We highly recommend attending it among SaaS conferences you plan on attending this year. AWE also holds events of smaller scale called AWE Nite Meetups. These meetups are more frequent and take place all over the world. They aim to connect XR leaders of the same cities together.

2- QCon  

QCon is a unique SaaS event. For one, it’s not just one event. It’s a series of SaaS events that take place in 4 continents. Moving on, the following quote from QCon Chair Wesley Reisz explains another way QCon is unique. “If you’re looking for mostly introductory content, QCon isn’t the right conference for you”.

Yes, the edge QCon as SaaS conferences have is that they are deeply technical. Selection of speakers favors practitioners over preachers. As a result, tech leads from heaps of organizations aboard the QCon stage to discuss software successes and failures. These SaaS events are designed that way to drive actionable takeaways from attendees who are also technical pros. QCon speakers always look forward to interacting with attendees and actually learning from them as well.

A QCon conference usually takes 3 days with 18-21 different tracks. Among these tracks are AI, security, microservices, the blockchain, and others. The next QCon conference in the States is QCon.ai in San Francisco between April 15 and 17.

3- Business of Software

If the idea of multiple tracks overwhelms you, then Business of Software is for you. Business of Software is a FOMO-less SaaS conference with a single track per conference. Particularly, the SaaS conference targets those in the scale-up process. As such, it focuses more on topics like hiring, leadership, and marketing rather than code.

BoS encourages an intimate atmosphere. That’s why attendees are only around 400. Further, the SaaS conference is famous for its “legendary BoS Hallway”. It’s the place where all the networking takes place. BoS includes 14 1-hour talks from renowned speakers plus lightning talks aplenty. Lightning talks are talks by attendees. Each gets 15 slides and 30 seconds per slide to discuss topics he/she is passionate about.

This year’s BoS is in Boston from September 16 to 18.

4- Adobe Summit

While not entirely a SaaS conference, Adobe Summit still holds value to SaaS people. It’s one of the world’s grandest marketing summits with 12,000+ attendees. Generally, the sessions at Adobe Summit revolve around brand experiences. The Summit emphasizes how each individual in an organization plays a significant role in how the organization is perceived.

One of Adobe Summit’s main features is its star power. Last year’s included talks from Sir Richard Branson, actress Leslie Jones, and NFL’s JJ Watt. They got to share their interesting customer experience success stories to the amusement of attendees.

This year’s Adobe Summit takes place in Vegas from March 26 to 28.

5- SaaStr Annual

Arguably, SaaStr Annual is the world’s largest SaaS conference. It’s the ultimate SaaS conference to learn from SaaS unicorns and unicorns-to-be. This year, representatives from Slack, Box, and Google among others will be present. Talks will discuss everything SaaS from building prosperous SaaS businesses to debunking SaaS myths. The 3-day conference will include an incredible 40 hour+ worth of invaluable content.

Among this year’s 10,000 attendees will be Augmania CEO, Rania Reda. Rania is extremely looking forward to meeting people as passionate about SaaS as she is. She is excited to share the perks of using Augmania’s Web AR platform. Most of all, she’s pumped about making new friends at Annual. So if you’re heading to SaaStr annual and are interested in Augmania, reach out and set up a meeting with Rania!

SaaStr Annual takes place in San Francisco next week from February 5 to 7.

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