Top 10 Creative Use Cases Of AR Prints

Deciding which tools and channels to use is key in formulating robust marketing strategies. Of course, lots of factors go into that decision. These include the types of products, customer research and data analysis, brand values, and cost, to name a few. Notably, prints remain among the most popular marketing tools. That’s to the dismay of some marketers who believe they’re antiquated and should go extinct. Yet, disposing of such extant tools wouldn’t be wise. Perhaps, the answer here is to level up prints. In other words, use Augmented Reality (AR) prints!

Ironically, the argument that prints are unbecoming of this age is exactly why you should use them more. Today, brands are using digital channels in marketing all the time. Digital ads are present everywhere and that turns many consumers off. Using prints would be a bold move to catch their attention once again. The ‘what’s old is new again’ adage applies well here.

Still, to ensure an element of novelty, though, you could use AR prints. AR prints are those which customers can scan to unlock exclusive digital content. This content can be of any kind from educational content to coupons and everything in between. Thus, using AR prints means your audience gets the best of both physical and digital marketing worlds.

Now, let’s go over some examples of prints that we come across every day and turn them into AR prints! Some of these aren’t even looked at as marketing tools generally but can become so using AR.

1- Pictures

Credit: LifePrint

Pictures are a huge part of any business running on touristic attractions. People visiting historical sites, museums, and theme parks are always keen on snapping shots to share with loved ones. For instance, PhotoPass is an integral part of any Disneyland experience. It allows visitors to buy professional pictures taken of them by Disney photographers during rides and whatnot. Normally, visitors get to choose select pictures for print or have all pictures delivered to their homes on CDs.

This process could use some Augmented Reality. Instead of the CD, the visitors could get one picture as an augmented print. Then, scanning it would generate all the rest of the pictures in AR. You could throw in some videos as well or any other fun content that makes the experience more memorable. Talent agents could also use the same idea of pictures as AR prints for celebrity meet-and-greets.

2- Catalogues

Credit: Business Insider

Logically thinking, you may feel like catalogs aren’t valuable anymore with the rise of E-commerce. But, millennials have always had a reputation for defying most people’s logic. According to the DMA, millennials enjoy receiving catalogs in the mail and love their imagery.

So, if you’re in the furniture industry, you should totally continue sending catalogs. Better yet, you could turn your catalogs into AR prints. That way your lovely millennials could scan the catalogues and bring the furniture items to their homes before buying. Also, you could allow them to make a purchase through the augmented experience.

3- Posters

Credit: Wizard Poster

Say your brand will be present in a trade show soon. What do you think attendees would be looking forward to seeing from you the most? Any answer other than giveaways is wrong! That’s why brands are always looking for interactive ways to give away freebies during events. Utilizing posters as AR prints in a treasure hunt set is ideal in such cases.

Imagine having different posters around different locations in the venue of the trade show. Each augmented poster gives a clue to the location of the next one until attendees eventually find the giveaways. Not only would that be a mighty entertaining experience, but also each poster could promote one of your products. By the end of the hunt, attendees would have their giveaways and would know about all your products.

4- Business Cards

Augmania Augmented Business Cards
Augmania augmented business card

Speaking of events, networking is a major highlight of any business event. Accordingly, business cards are commonplace there. There are too many that it’s hard to stand out. Some people stand out using innovative designs. Others stand out using AR business cards. You could augment your business card to display your elevator pitch when recipients scan it. Knowing that your cards have extra value, recipients would be more likely to keep them.

5- Brochures

Credit: Engine Creative

We believe augmented brochures are such powerful tools as AR print. So much that we published a blogpost about maximizing their use. Mainly, a brochure’s power lies in its versatility. Brochures fit in the mail, during events, and pretty much anywhere. This versatility allows brochures to contain different kinds of content. No matter the content, augmenting it would add more layers of awesomeness to it.

6- Restaurant Menus

Credit: Augmented Reality USA

This one is for the world’s mushroom haters who order the perfect pizza, but forget asking to remove shrooms. Imagine being at a pizza restaurant and receiving a menu that allows you to customize your pizza in AR. It would be lots of fun creating the pizza of your dreams using this AR print. Then, after ordering, you get to see a timelapse of your augmented pizza going through different stages of preparation.

7- Receipts

Credit: Nikkei Asian

Establishing a solid feedback system with customers is very desirable for all brands to ensure quality. To encourage customers to give feedback, some brands like to employ reward systems. However, in order to get their rewards, customers usually have to go to websites or social media pages. Consequently, some customers end up zoning out and forget about the whole deal. One solution to this issue is a unique form of AR prints; augmented receipts.

After users receive their receipts, they can scan it, rate the service, and get their rewards. Everybody wins and the process would take only a few seconds.

8- Postcards

Sure, we’re living in the age of Whatsapp, Messenger, and Skype. But still, nothing beats a good ol’ postcard. It takes a certain commitment to send one now, but it always shows. You could go a step further and augment that commitment by adding AR content to the postcards. If you’re traveling, you can send augmented postcards with videos of your travel highlights. For holidays, you could send carrols along with your AR prints. The choices are endless!

9- Student Workbooks

Credit: 1Mobile

Today’s students are going through a lot. Honestly, any initiative to ease up their lives is basically a charity act. Since they practice regularly, we can make their days easier by turning their workbooks into AR prints. After solving problems, students can scan them to teleport teachers to their study areas to explain the solutions. That would amplify the impact of their practice and help them understand the subjects they’re studying better.

10- Scratchcards

Credit: APKPure

Scratchcards are handy in multiple industries. They’re a great way for customers to redeem purchases. Though, the scratching itself is frankly borderline annoying. So how about we turn scratchcards into AR prints? In telecom, for example, buyers would need only to scan the cards for their credit to automatically recharge. That would save a lot of time; the scratching, washing hands after scratching and dialing the codes.

Got any other prints you’d like to transform to AR prints? Check out the various use cases we offer for AR prints at Augmania to get inspired!