Augmania Recommends: Top 10 Tech Blogs You Should Follow

Ladies and Gents, we’re back with a new edition of the Augmania Recommends series. Last time, we wanted to share with you our favorite places to read about marketing online. As an AR flagbearer, Augmania lies at the intersection between marketing and tech. So this time, we’re shedding light on the top tech blogs.

Since “tech” itself is a broad term, let’s clarify first how this article is going to go. By definition, Biotechnology, CGI production in Hollywood, and spacecraft manufacture are all categorized under tech. However, they aren’t necessarily the scope of our blogpost. Instead, we’re going to focus on consumer tech. Conventionally, consumer tech products are those that reach end-users directly. In other words, consumer tech usually isn’t intended for professional use by large corporations and the like. 

Also, there are a few other disclaimers. You will find no TechRadars or VentureBeats here. These are all fantastic websites, but we’re pretty positive you already visit them. Thus, we’ll only share with you one example of such tech moguls. The rest of the blogpost will feature blogs that aren’t as popular. Yet, they offer great value in the forms of industry analyses, expert opinions, and entertaining takes on tech. Plus, for sectors of tech that are booming, we’ll highlight a blog that tackles each of these sectors separately.

All set now! Here are the top ten tech blogs you need to follow

1- The Verge

Alright, we’re kicking off with our aforementioned favorite mogul of a tech blog. It’s none other than The Verge. As a subsidiary of Vox, The Verge is our go-to tech blog for news. Generally, the team is very fast in updating its audience with the latest news from all tech realms. Of course, they also include thoughtful analysis on each piece of news to tell readers their aftermath predictions. In addition, The Verge does timelines for major tech stories spanning months and longer. For instance, the timeline for the recent US Huawei ban is an amazing recap. It explains it all from the very beginning in January of 2018 till this moment and in insightful detail.

Further, The Verge is more than just a source of tech news. The website also has excellent opinion articles on tech and its relationships with science, entertainment, and culture.

Augmania’s Favorite Piece: The Secrets of the Internet

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with beautiful storytelling. This captivating story isn’t what you’d typically see on a tech blog. It’s a tale of a young woman who joins Youtube’s content moderation team during Youtube’s early days. To her, the job sounds like an exciting source of extra cash at first. Soon enough, she starts to face the moral struggles and dilemmas that people of tech face every day.

2- Stratechery

In case you haven’t heard of it before, Stratechery is a brilliant tech blog by tech veteran Ben Thompson. Ben is what we could call a tech philosopher. Throughout his career, he’s worked for Apple, Microsoft, and WordPress. He puts this experience and his unrelenting mind to exceptional use on Stratechery. As a result, his tech blog has become where people go to see all top tech brands dissected. Each dissection leaves readers with plenty of lessons to learn and apply.

Augmania’s Favorite Piece: The Battle for the Home

In particular, this blog post shows the true value Stratechery offers. Ben dives in-depth into how Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook are fighting for home devices supremacy. He weighs each’s current chances of winning this war and predicts how the situation can change over time.

3- The Gadgeteer

In 1997, this tech blog started as a haven for founder Julie Strietelmeier to express her love for gadgets. Today, The Gadgeteer is one of the world’s most reliable websites for tech reviews. It tackles all sorts of tech products from smartphones to water dispensers and absolutely everything in between. When it comes to product reviews, Julie prioritizes accuracy in delivering information. That way, her readers can take fair buying decisions and they appreciate the tech blog for that.

Augmania’s Favorite Piece: Julie’s Favorite Gear

As we mentioned, all of The Gadgeteer’s reviews are top-notch. But this is just something else. This article contains the gadgets closest to Julie’s heart and it includes all product types. Essentially, we get to find out the best laptop, smartphone, speakers, etc from the perspective of a lady who has been working in the industry for over two decades.


Remember when we mentioned we’d have sector-specific tech blogs? Well, AI is more than worthy of having its own blog. And TOPBOTS is just as worthy of your time if you’re interested in the field. The tech blog is a great destination to get oriented with AI concepts such as neural networks. In addition, it regularly examines the use of AI in marketing, education, and healthcare among many other fields. 

Augmania’s Favorite Piece: Neural Network Generates Fake Startups. Hilarity Ensues

In this post, the TOPBOTS people generate 85 random startup names through AI. The names were provocatively strange, to say the least. So much so that team members challenged each other to come up with logos and slogans for each startup. The results are hilarious.

5- Enterprise Irregulars

Okay, we may be contradicting ourselves somewhat here. We did say our main focus would be consumer tech. But just read that name. As you can see, Enterprise Irregulars is for beginners. So if you’re just getting started in enterprise, count on this tech blog for everything ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Augmania’s Favorite Piece: Polishing brand ERP

This blogpost is a solid overlook on the current state of ERP. It highlights that customers are mostly satisfied with their implementation of ERP software. At the same time, it explains what’s hindering ERP from full mainstream adoption.

6- Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog

Using the same principle from the latter tech blog, we think you need to read about IoT as well. You see, the Internet of Things is a real-life version of Toy Story that nobody saw coming. But it’s coming in a big way. As a long-tenured IoT leader, Bosch boasts an astute blog that can answer all your IoT questions.

Augmania’s Favorite Piece: 5 Things to Consider When Starting an IoT Project

Ready to start integrating IoT into your business? This blogpost is a short and sweet introduction into how to get your first IoT project right.

7- Forrester

As an organization, Forrester crafts impeccable data-driven research for tech businesses. Hence, it makes sense that Forrester’s tech blog is just as invaluable. The blog combines expert writers from all walks of tech who break down industry obstacles and provide actionable advice. Further, the tech Argus is revered for its annual tech predictions report.

Augmania’s Favorite Piece: An Existential Threat

From Forrester’s CEO himself, this article examines how businesses still aren’t aware of the consequences of poor tech management. Essentially, it’s a form of polite roasting from Forrester. But by the end of it, he offers tips on how business leaders can better manage tech.

8- Lifwire

Since the past few tech blogs were business-oriented, our next entry is entirely for personal use. First off, let’s just take a moment to appreciate LifeWire’s slogan: Tech Untangled. Mainly, blogposts in this magnificent blog fall under three categories: Buy, How To, or Fix. So first, they guide you through which tech products to buy. Then, they show you how to make the best use of them. Finally, if anything goes wrong with your tech, they teach you how to fix it. If there’s ever been a perfect blog formula, this is it.

Augmania’s Favorite Piece: How to Fix a Computer That Won’t Turn On

At times, a VR expert may have no clue why his/her laptop won’t power up. It’s normal and Lifewire gets that. That’s why it provides blogposts like these, offering a full guide into issues that keep computers from working.

9- A Geek with a Hat

Sometimes, people look for things other than insights in blogs. Instead, they could be looking for blogs that relate to their daily lives. On that note, if you’re a techie, then A Geek with a Hat is exactly what you need. A coding master, Swizec Teller uses this tech blog to recount his stories in the tech world. Usually, this tech blog is like Teller’s personal journal that he invites us into every day.

Augmania’s Favorite Piece: What it’s Like to be a Statistical Super Minority in Tech

Ever since his US arrival, Teller has been struggling with people wanting to label him. He thinks he’s more than just a white dude or a Slovenian. And he ponders all about it in this fun and relevant post.

10- Techmeme

Well, TechMeme is not a tech blog. It’s what techies call an aggregator. That is, it combines all the tech news from all top tech blogs in one super crowded homepage. Having that many headlines altogether at the same time can be useful. Or, at least, that’s what avid TechMeme reader Mark Zuckerberg thinks.