Make 3D your daily technology for better marketing


Remember the big fuss about James Cameron’s Avatar?

When the movie was released it became an instant hit. A tremendous part of the success was its amazing 3D technology. Everyone was crazy about how interactive the technology was. It instantly gained a huge focus and got the world far-seeing about its future impacts.

One wonders though; what is so great about this technology that gets people on their edges each time it has a new update?

The answer is very simple:

3D images look spectacular! They make you feel as if you are part of them. They are very vivid and have a direct effect on your brain which results in making them catchier than regular 2D images.

It is no wonder that people usually stop at the sight of 3-dimensional visuals.  The way our eyes and brains react to it becomes a matter of subconsciousness. We tend to get more attracted to anything that stimulates our senses, which is why the technology got so trendy from the first time it was introduced.


If you are a digital marketer then such technology should get you on your toes. Meaning: You need to take advantage of it!  


Easy; we all know that visuals are a pillar for digital marketing. Any content you wish to publish on social media should have an image or a video that will trigger attention and get you more clicks. Knowing that 3D visuals get the most out of people’s attention, it is basic to say that using it for promotional purposes is a must.

Besides competition to make visuals stand out got rough along the way.

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Every time there is a new campaign, marketers hire designers to make the perfect posters and the most creative 2-dimensional images. What you need to realize though, is that 2D drawing won’t be a standard of communication or expression anymore. it won’t attract the future tech-minded audience any longer. Our social platforms are becoming more interactive by the click. And to cope with that you need to generate more engagement from your viewers.

Now, this is where 3D technology comes handy.

 In matter of fact, after a series of 3-dimensional advertising campaigns, it has been proven that sharing content in graphical 3D visuals highers up your reach and increases your advertising efficiency in 2 basic ways:

  1.   It helps viewers feel a stronger feeling of presence (one of the tricks of the technology: it gives you the feeling that you are physically interacting with the objects you are seeing)
  2.   It helps viewers better remember the displayed products and increases brand awareness by enhancing their perception of it. which is actually a consequence of the first effect of 3D visuals.

Bottom line, 3D visuals are one of the keys to skyrocket your digital marketing

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But there is one problem that usually stands in marketers’ way, which is the fact that 3D technology is not very accessible. The creation of 3-dimensional visuals is limited to very skilled designers. The good news though is that emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) are here to save the day!

Indeed AR platforms such as Augmania are democratizing the 3D feature and allowing digital marketers to overcome technical barriers of advertising in 3 dimensions. At Augmania we have been working on this for years. We have studied the emergence of graphical 3D visualization in advertising and we tried to measure its impact on customer engagement and brand visibility. We then created our 3D animation feature and allowed marketers to bring their products to life by communicating with their audience in a 3D world. No headsets are necessary, no special skills are required! We do the hard work and create 3D visuals that best describes your product to share all over the media.

So, If you are interested in revolutionizing your advertising with the power of 3D then subscribe here and start your demo with an amazing augmented 3D experience!

Oh and stay tuned for more hacks that will skyrocket your marketing!

Make your Ads stand out

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Have you ever watched an ad then replayed it right away?
Yes, that is called good advertising! That is what you want for your business to have and this is how you will master it:

As much as we don’t want it, ” the first impression lasts”, and we can’t deny the effect it has on many people.

Unfortunately, many businesses waste a lot of time and money on ads, yet people drop in the first few seconds. Their ads usually do not reach as many people and when they do, it barely shifts the conversion rate. Why? It is because they lack three basic features: Originality, thrill, and intimacy

  • Originality

Advertising existed for centuries now. We’ve seen campaigns that made history and some that increased ad nausea and encouraged digital ad blocking. People are exposed to thousands of ads per day: visuals, captions, audios etc. They have seen it all which makes them hard to impress.

So one way for your brand to be noticed is to avoid the déja vu feeling and be unique.

You can start by embracing the latest technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and taking advantage of innovative tools like Augmania to make customers feel the freshness and the creativity of your product.
Augmented Reality is still considered very recent and it proved itself to be quite appealing, which is why you shouldn’t waste more time and be among the first to surprise your audience with a magical augmented experience.
Click here if you want to be an early adopter:

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  • Thrill

Aside from being creative and new, you surely do not want to be short on the thrilling part. If your ad does not catch the viewer’s attention within seconds, then the chances that it will do its job are not going to be high enough. And the only way for it to cease the opportunity is to be catchy and exciting. You can’t expect a dull, lifeless advert to make your target convert.
You want your campaigns to arouse emotions. You want to make your customers see something they haven’t encountered before, and feel the urge of wanting to know more and to discover what you are offering. You can make them visualize your products in a different way, you can tell thrilling stories about your brand and what makes you unique, you can gamify your campaign and make the thrill last. We ourselves definitely work every day to get the essence of that and make people engage with all their senses!

  • Intimacy

Last but not least, after you earn the attention of the audience you want to make them remember you. you want your ad to be spoken about with both excitement and attachment.
Steve Jobs’ marketing lesson “don’t sell products, sell dreams” is not to be forgotten. We all love Nike’s Just do it and apple’s Think different campaign. why? It is because they were not only selling shoes and electronics they were sharing values and goals. Their ads grew personal to people. When you see their logo you immediately recall the feeling they gave you.

Our extensive research about this made us build our dream to not only help people share the content they wish in an exhilarating way but to give them an actual way that will help make their brand memorized. Our goal is to give anyone the chance with the simple scan of their logo, to tell their story. “Don’t just advertise, Create an experience to forge a bond”.


Advertising is an art and we are keen on making you master it! If you are curious about seeing that happen then go ahead and hit the subscription button to start your journey with Augmania

See you next time!

The key to your marketing success


Competing in today’s digital world for a click, a download, a reach is becoming trickier by the hour.
Nowadays almost every company is exploiting social media to go viral. They invest an average of 12% of their annual revenues on marketing, yet they still face huge challenges such as:

  • Widening their reach and generating the right traffic
  • Identifying the adequate technologies for their needs
  • Hiring the best talent
  • Standing out
  • Finding the fastest way to do all of the above

But you don’t have to worry about this anymore because we are here to help!
After studying all the perks of digital marketing and brand management, we were able to identify the hardships of the field and come up with the solution using Augmented Reality (AR).

Augmented Reality overlays a digital layer onto the real world and makes people see virtual objects among the real ones. We are sure you’ve witnessed the hype about Pokemon go and Snapchat lenses these past years. Well, they are some of the most popular AR examples.

We too have recognized the appeal of AR in today’s tech spectrum which is why we aimed to revolutionize advertising through Augmania

Click here to discover how

As a digital marketer, you would definitely want to integrate this amazing technology to your future campaigns and here is why:

It sparks the WOW effect

Augmented Reality amplifies everything you see. This makes it pretty cool. But what is even greater about it is that it can be personalized! which is our main focus in Augmania. You can easily use AR anyway and on any content you want. Through Augmania’s numerous features – 3D animation, face and body detection, QR code reading, etc.- you can tell the story of your product and bring it to life. All you need is a good dose of imagination and enough product knowledge to portray the best image of your brand in a very creative way.
Actually, the fact that this technology is still on the rise is a huge bonus for early adopters. All around the world, people are discovering AR on a daily basis so make sure you don’t miss out on the chance of being an early adopter! This will surely keep your audience on the edge of their seats.

Here is your golden ticket:

It is shareable

AR is becoming accessible to everyone. It is a “screen-enhanced information” which means everyone with a smartphone or a tablet can use it and interact with it. You don’t need any special or expensive marketing channels. Instead, you can use Augmania. With its collaborative feature, it allows you to share your AR experience all over social media and you can even embed your ads into your website or send them via emails or SMS.

It is democratized

Last but not least, you don’t have to be the best marketer or the most creative designer out there. You can be both! You don’t need to build the technology from scratch; instead, you can now easily use Augmania without any advanced technical skills.

Adding AR layers to your campaigns will make you stand out in the midst of stiff competition. It will make your tech-minded crowd swoon over your brand. Once you start implementing your brand’s identity through your creative and informative AR campaigns, you will automatically have convertible traffic. That way you can increase your ROI and skyrocket your success.

If you too think it is high time to start your AR experience and revolutionize your marketing, then subscribe to our website

And stay tuned for our next article!

5 ways AR reshapes your life

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I am sure you’ve heard about how top leading companies around the world are increasingly showing their enthusiasm regarding Augmented Reality. A perfect example would be Facebook’s recent announcement.
But, ever wondered what the fuss is all about?
The answer is simple: Augmented reality or simply AR is more than just a new trend or a new obsession. It is a key tool that will make our daily lives a whole lot easier. But how you might ask?
Well, here are 5 ways:

1/ Retail

By overlaying a virtual world on top of the real one, AR helps people visualize and try on products from distance. For example, you can use AR for clothes, accessories and furniture shopping. It’s tiring to wander around stores for hours putting on different items hoping to find what suits you best. Now, you can easily use AR to virtually try on whatever pleases you.

Or, even cooler, if you ever feel the urge to buy new furniture but can’t figure out how to display them around your house, just take their picture and AR will show you the best position.

Augmania spent years researching how AR can enhance the shopping experience. If you are interested in being part of the exclusive list of early adopters, make sure to join the waitlist here:

2/ City Exploration


AR location detection feature has definitely proven itself a necessity for big city dwellers.

Regular GPS is struggling to give clear orientation because of the architectural complexity of streets and their proliferated buildings. However, augmented reality can better locate addresses and help you visualize your direction. AR can also make your trips and commute a ton more informative. For example, you can point your mobile or tablet at any monument you come across and AR will bring its walls to life, by giving you clues about its history. This could spice up your daily explorations and travels with both a sense of adventure and knowledge.

3/ Marketing

When competition is high, it is imperative for you as a brand manager or a digital marketer to trigger more customer interest and build a stronger brand loyalty. This is possible by applying AR technology for branding. In fact, many companies allowed consumers to try their products before buying them which earned them a huge success. Using tools like Augmania where you can make a creative and informative AR story about your products, will tremendously increase your customers’ engagement and, of course, augment your sales’ rate.

4/ Education

Educating children with boring textbooks and long lectures has resulted in many shortcomings; such as reluctance to go to school with lots of excuses to skip classes. This proves children’s need for more interaction and creativity to stimulate their minds, which is what AR is made for! By intriguing curiosity and making content more fun, AR is an epitome of the recognized educative approach “teach them while they play”.

5/ People with disabilities

By digitizing what surrounds us, AR helps people with autism through offering them an added layer to extend their capability of interaction. Moreover, with its very developed algorithm, you can use AR applications to point out at anything, anywhere, and you’ll hear a voice telling you what it is.
AR technology can detect your environment and basically guide you everywhere you are, which is a huge advantage for people with vision impairments.

Astonished by AR yet? Well, join the family and hit our subscription button for more info about AR’s awesomeness!