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2d to 3d converter

One can’t debate the importance of e-commerce shopping, especially during the past year when we all had to shift our daily activities to a remote mode because of the pandemic. It’s true that we were spending most of our time at home, but that didn’t change the fact that we still want to refurbish the living room, get that comfortable desktop for our remote-work setup and see what’s new on the market.

However, for such purchases, the in-store experience used to be the best option, which is nowadays becoming more of a risky adventure with lots of precautions.

This is why most e-commerce shops are adding AR capability to their customer’s experience by giving them back the advantage to preview a product’s placement, virtual try-on… etc, and shoppers couldn’t love it more! This is confirmed by a recent study from Business wire, which states that 61% of online shoppers prefer to make purchases on sites that offer AR technology. Moreover, 63% of customers say AR could transform their online shopping customers. Despite that, most of the shoppers feel that retailers are still failing to take full advantage of AR.

This failure can be explained by many reasons. The most prominent being the challenge faced by online retailers in providing adequate 3D models for each of the items sold on their site. This is crucial, as the 3D model needs to live up to the actual 2D image of the object and play its role in improving the shoppers’ experience and not disappoint them.

However, this is not easily achieved because of the scarcity of tools that convert 2D images to realistic 3D models, let alone provide them in a webAR environment. Well, that is up to now!

At Augmania, we’ve been working discretely for the past year on a new feature to democratize the use of webAR and promote a smooth shift to online shopping while offering the best user experience.

Our R&D team foresaw the need for online retailers to have an automated solution to convert 2D images of their products into 3D models, and thus started working along with top-notch researchers from the German University of Cairo to develop an online 2D to 3D webAR converter. The R&D activities are sponsored by the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) through Borg El Arab Innovation Cluster.

The converter will help anyone working in the e-commerce sector to level up their offering by adopting AR in 3 steps only, all in one place. The first step is for capturing 2D realistic images of the products, next uploading them to the Augmania 2D to 3D converter, and finally, integrating the generated 3D models in webAR e-commerce experience generated using Augmania Easy Creator. 

So in a matter of minutes, you’ll have your 3D models ready to be integrated into your online site. This will give the shoppers a real-time feeling of what the product will look like when placed in their environment, especially in the case of furniture. Essentially, using 3D models and AR will help your customers have more chances to pick the right product for their needs and minimize purchases’ returns.

The average mobile conversion without AR is about 3.5%. With AR, it increases to 11%. So, boosting sales is another goal checked here!
The 2D to 3D webAR Converter will be officially available Q4/2021 on our Augmania Easy-Creator platform, so make sure to sign-up for free and keep an eye on our upcoming updates!