8 struggles you will face if you are digital marketer

Digital marketing is a nonending challenge for brand survival. It is tricky and requires a whole lot of patience! If you’d ask me what best describes it I’d say the not so pleasant Hunger Games.

Think about it: You are basically competing on the digital world where only the strongest ( more persistent), the fastest (more up to date) and of course the smarter wins!

trying to keep your business alive in one of the most swinging markets out there with a rule of the jungle is not what I categorize as a piece of cake.

Indeed digital marketers nowadays are facing many hardships to first deliver the message they want and second to get satisfying results.

So, if you still think that digital marketing is an easy way out of a job then watch these 8 struggles, we poor marketers have to go through on a daily basis.

  1. Efficient Content Creation

The first step to enter marketing world is to become a content creator. You can’t promote the void, you need content! Now, what type of content, and how to market it becomes the question. In a world where content generation is measured within seconds, you need to break your way through. You need to choose what to diffuse, WordPress blogs, infographics, videos, newsletters, podcasts, webinars etc. You also need to know when to diffuse it;  what time of the day exactly; which hour? It is both a waste of effort and a waste of time to create content just for the sake of creation. The core purpose of content marketing is to generate hot traffic! You need everything you post to go viral and convert as many leads as possible. For that, it is essential to focus and make an effective content strategy that meets your goals.  

Here is a great read for you about effective content creation: http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2011/02/content-mix/  

  2. Optimizing Sessions


Now that you started executing your content strategy, your social channels engagement is doing pretty good, your blog is getting enough clicks, your Twitter impressions are pretty high and everything seems okay. You visit your Google Analytics, you hit that acquisition button and you get shocked with the low sessions coming from the very same channels you’ve been putting your heart and soul on. It is hard to grasp but hey, who said marketing was a rub on the shoulder! Measurement accuracy can freak you out sometimes but you have to be grateful for it, it is an eye opener to what should be done and not. As much as it will hurt, you gotta let emotions of the deal and cross out some of the channels you are active on. They might be your favorites but their bounce rate is just too high and they will not get you any conversion anytime soon. So basically, be more data-driven. If a channel is not working, leave it, optimize what you can get from it. If it is the source of your niche but it has low engagement then get contacts from it and use another channel to approach them!

3. SEO ranking

SEO is a pain. You know it is crucial so you try to earn a good ranking. You stuff your posts with as many keywords as possible, you start duplicating content and diluting phrases to the point where none of your sentences sound natural. All of your content feels boosted and you lose your originality. Not to mention all the tiny practices that you never put your finger on yet they are the source of your SEO issues ( meta description issues, tag issues, broken links and images, low word count, too many on page links…). The list never ends, and the guidelines for it are constantly updated.

check out this blog for more caution and better SEO practices https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/237819

4. Generating leads (and reducing cold calling)


This is by far the hardest struggle you could deal with. The whole purpose of marketing is to generate leads and get people to convert. It is a curvy deal! At first, it can be rough, then when you settle a bit and pace up your practices you’ll start generating them. After a while though, the number will start shrinking and you will need to figure out a new way to do it.  

It is bumpy, and periodical but it requires persistence and focus. Once you do that, you will realize the magic formula to generate the perfect number of leads.


5. Securing budget


It is uncertain, especially for small companies to secure enough budget for their marketing activities. As frustrating as it seems, money should not be an obstacle to marketing, especially not digital marketing! The solution to it is to prove higher ROI! The more efficient marketing is the more ROI increases. At first, it is okay to start on a low budget for the sake of the greater good. You just need to be smarter about it and hack your marketing to make it. Later after you secure good results then you can totally ask for more budget and it will be granted to you in a blink of an eye.

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6. Talent


As digital marketing becomes more data-driven, having the right skills to keep up with it is for sure a challenge. These skills range from artsy interest to literary affiliation to data science. Not to forget computer knowledge and social intelligence.

If you are a marketer, you need to:

  • Understand the needs of your niche and know exactly how to persuade them.
  • Be creative and create appealing content: written or attractive visuals
  • Be fast paced and keep up with Social media’s insiders
  • Have great communication skills
  • Be data driven

So yeah, marketing position eligibility is not obvious to everybody.

7. Finding the best strategy


This is the constant worry for digital marketers. It goes without saying that finding the best strategy is what determines marketing success. But it is not easy! It requires days and days of studies, of analysis and of constant feedback to finally define it. For you to find the best strategy you have to go through all of the above. You have to determine the ways you want to approach your leads: is it email marketing which itself needs a whole strategy. Or maybe Direct Messaging via social media. Is it indirect approach via content marketing where you seduce the leads and let them follow.  All of which needs a perfect plan and a perfect calendar. You would need to determine the best technology, the convenient budget and of course you have to prove your ROI to your boss or else none of this matters.

It is hard but it is not impossible and it is definitely not permanent. You need to keep it flexible! You know how resilient the field is and it is absurd to bubble up over a certain practice without embracing the constant change and adapt to it.

8.Keeping up with metrics


After this, you might think you’ve got everything figured out, well, sorry to say think again!

Defining metrics is already a challenge, but it is vital for defining your strategy. The problem, however, is securing the metrics that you have estimated within your strategy.

Let’s say you are looking for a fixed number of subscribers within a fixed period of time. You’ve set what needs to be done to generate them, but your metrics are saying otherwise!

Don’t lose your temper over it, give it some time, and if your KPIs are still bad then go back to that strategy of yours and fetch what is it that is not working.



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