The 7 Strangest Tech Products You Must Know

Evolution epitomizes our universe. Out of all dynamic elements surrounding us humans, it’s perfectly logical that technology is among the most rapidly evolving. While some tech has changed how we live (smartphones and whatnot), other has taken a turn for the strange. 

Calling these products strange is in no way an insult, though. Strange here can mean that a product is of unorthodox functions or relatively limited usability. It also refers to products that feel futuristic or even downright out of this world. Each is strange in its own unique way. Yet who knows? Many essentials of our daily lives were once called strange. NY Times called cars impractical in 1902 and now it has an entire section for automobile news.

So here are 7 of the strangest tech items marking our century.

1- Foldimate

Credit: Blikk

Folding clothes is one arduous process that humanity, for some reason, hasn’t devoted any time to easing. That is until  Foldimate emerged on the strange tech scene. As you’ve already guessed, Foldimate is a bot that folds apparel for you. Some skeptics think it’s an unnecessary luxury, but I’m sure the first automatic washing machine had its detractors as well.

Foldimate has its downsides, though. The biggest is that users have to insert every clothing item into the machine. Still, Foldimate does its job in roughly five minutes while mechanically folding clothes can take much longer. Another downside is that Foldimate doesn’t fold small items like baby clothes or large items like bedsheets. It’ll launch this fall at an expected price of $980 which is a hefty investment for families.

2- AEE Selfly

Credit: CNet

AEE Selfly is a dream come true for all lousy selfie takers. It goes much further than just that too. Selfly is a flying drone camera. That’s not unheard of. We’ve seen similar devices used in security and event management. What’s unheard is that Selfly is also a phone case. That’s right, it’ll fly with you wherever you go as it fits any 4-6 inch smartphone.

This accessibility opens up a whole new market for the drone camera. It will attract pro and, more importantly, casual photographers. They’ll use the 13MP camera to document adventures, gatherings, and other special moments like they never did before. So Selfly may be strange tech now, but its future looks to be fairly bright. It’s available now for ordering at $100.

3- piBo

Credit: Startup Radar

Our next esteemed strange tech board member is for everyone afraid that soulless machines will take over Earth soon. Soulless machines won’t take over Earth……..on their own. There’ll be soul-filled ones too! Like piBo!

piBo is essentially a walking Alexa. It can set reminders, give weather briefing, play music (and dance to it), and do all the Alexa stuff. The one edge piBo has over Alexa (apart from its cuteness) is that it offers personalized experiences. piBo has a camera that helps it recognize different users. Thus, it’s loyal to its owner. It’s also said to somehow recognize feelings and reacts accordingly.

4- Laika

Credit: AdoptLaika

I sort of understand some people aren’t ready yet to transition from owning pets to owning Qoobo. For these people and especially dog owners, Laika is ready to be a companion to your bowwows! It’s equipped with a camera, a microphone, speakers, and even a treat thrower.

You can control it to play with your dog whenever you’re away from home. Most impressively, if you’re a busy while away and your dog is feeling extra energetic, Laika can keep it entertained. That’s by virtue of Laika’s autonomous mode. The mode detects motion and allows Laika to play with your dog even if you’re not controlling it. If you don’t find Laika strange tech, it’s up for pre-order at $325.

5- Mitipi Kevin

Credit: Mitipi

Though Kevin looks like fancy speakers, it’s much more than that. Kevin utilizes an extraordinary approach to home defense. It emulates humans to deter any burglars. It’s loaded with dialogue about different subjects that will sound like actual people conversing to intruders.

There is weeks worth of dialogue in Kevin too to prevent burglars from noticing any loops. Furthermore, Kevin manipulates light and creates shadow effects. Gone are the days of leaving the lights or TV on when leaving home. Kevin’s available for sale online for $285.

6- Taclim

Credit: Cerevco

Taclim is the world’s first ever VR shoes. It creates wholly immersive VR experiences. Using Taclim while in a VR environment, you’ll sense differences when you walk over sand, grass, rocks, etc. In combat games, if your character takes damage to the legs, Taclim will generate pain-like sensations.

Taclim is not used for games only, though. Its developers say it’s for ice skating ring owners to showcase their business to others without getting on ice. That seems rather super specific. Nonetheless, it’s sweet of the Taclim people to have thought of ice skating ring owners as they developed Taclim. I guess.

7- Kolibree Magik Toothbrush

Credit: GadgetsDaily

With too many entertainment streams, brushing teeth can be a boring chore for today’s kids. Magik changes all that. It’s a toothbrush paired with a mobile app that uses AR to make brushing teeth a mighty fun experience. It comes with 15 different games. In one of the games, as kids brush they shoot a cavities-spreading monster.

Magik also teaches children to brush correctly and allows parents to monitor their brushing patterns and progress. Call it strange tech if you want. But Magik helps maintain good habits and that is what all tech should aspire to do.

You’ve seen the strange side of AR. It’s time to see its revolutionary side; the side that has taken over marketing, print, education, and other industries. Sign up to Augmania’s AR platform now and create AR magic yourself!