Remote-Work: Endgame Tips To Become a Pro!

Let’s be honest for a second; I bet we all wished we could skip an office workday to spend it at home instead. Wouldn’t it even be better if we still could get the work done without leaving our cozy couches?

Well, I surely prayed for that. Mostly during the traffic jam, early cold mornings, extremely dry or rainy times, and on any other given day. Then on one sunny day, the stars have answered my wish. By the stars, of course, I am referring to the Augmania team.

As a multinational startup, with team members from Boston, San Francisco, Berlin, Tunisia, and Egypt, the Augmania work environment has been favoring remote-work since the early days. That is by putting the trust in its employees and collaborators to find their most suitable workspace and grow professionally and personally.

So, dear reader, you can imagine the dramatic changes Covid19 had brought upon our work culture;

You see, we weren’t able to get coffee from outside and it was horrible! It almost affected our productivity, but eventually, we managed to get by thanks to this fun AR experience developed by the team:

The rest of the consequences were familiar, as most of us already work from home regularly. Even if we didn’t meet as often as we wished, we still have a special team bond.

However, many companies nowadays are struggling to build and maintain that bond in the era of Covid-19 and the current work circumstances, and that is understandable. Flipping the switch is not always easy, but, it is a must now especially when 98% of remote employees would like to continue working remotely for the rest of their careers according to Buffer.

That’s why the team decided to share a couple of tips to help you become remote work heroes!

“Make friends with your kids – Even better, help them get along with your colleagues” Nouran – Tech Lead

Having kids can be regarded as a threat to parents trying to get work done from home. You never know when they’ll barge into the room during a conference call; Scream their lungs out, or simply want to play.

Well, it all happened with me, and you better start accepting the fact that it will happen to you too.

At first, when Jamila’s voice started interpreting my meetings, I was embarrassed and constantly apologizing. There was nothing I could do to keep her quiet even when I was in a different room. So, I decided to go with it. Her voice became familiar to company meetings. They even greet her now and ask about her, and that saved me lots of embarrassment. This is only human, and it’s always a delight to realize you’re talking to someone as normal as you are.

Augmania team
Our friend Jamila

“Remove distraction, keep the dog ” Rania – CEO

Sitting at home for a long period was honestly a first time experience for me. I think I’ve spent more time in the airports than at my own place before Covid-19. It was a bit of a challenge; Not that I am not used to remote work, but staying still amidst all the distractions was the real test. So, I simulated the office experience in-house! I created a comfortable work environment away from all diversion; TV, door, people, but not the dog.

You keep the dog. Not only it will shower you with love but it will also act as a stress reliever when needed.

Breaks are certainly necessary and helpful to release tension and recharge. Personally, I find great pleasure in having safe beach walks with Joujou.

Joujou, the company dog, having the time of her life

Be part of a community and don’t be ashamed of talking to pigeons! Rihab – Marketing Lead

According to a survey held by Buffer, loneliness and communication are the biggest challenges for remote workers. The more time they spend on remote work, the fewer their chances for outer world interactions. That’s why I find it important to get involved in communities that share the same interests and work-lifestyle as me. It’s a safe place to communicate your worries, exchange tips, and thrive to improve your daily routine. Nevertheless, it still can get so lonely that you start waiting for that pigeon to show up again and strike a conversation. That’s totally normal – at least, according to my standards…

When your remote-work buddies finally show up at the doorstep!

There’s no shame in making friends with birds passing by, and neighbors at the window to challenge our loneliness. As long as you don’t name your football Wilson and talk to it, you’re a perfectly normal human being.

Lots of big corporations are now leveraging the “the new normal standards” of work by giving more flexibility. Twitter announced recently the option to work remotely permanently for its employees. Others are working on improving the new experience for workers. That’s where the new initiative from SAP, Qualtrics and Thrive Global comes in: “Working From Home in the New Normal”; A data-driven platform including all resources you need to truly become the remote-work hero we want you to be.