Make your Ads stand out

Have you ever watched an ad then replayed it right away?
Yes, that is called good advertising! That is what you want for your business to have and this is how you will master it:

As much as we don’t want it, ” the first impression lasts”, and we can’t deny the effect it has on many people.

Unfortunately, many businesses waste a lot of time and money on ads, yet people drop in the first few seconds. Their ads usually do not reach as many people and when they do, it barely shifts the conversion rate. Why? It is because they lack three basic features: Originality, thrill, and intimacy

  • Originality

Advertising existed for centuries now. We’ve seen campaigns that made history and some that increased ad nausea and encouraged digital ad blocking. People are exposed to thousands of ads per day: visuals, captions, audios etc. They have seen it all which makes them hard to impress.

So one way for your brand to be noticed is to avoid the déja vu feeling and be unique.

You can start by embracing the latest technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and taking advantage of innovative tools like Augmania to make customers feel the freshness and the creativity of your product.
Augmented Reality is still considered very recent and it proved itself to be quite appealing, which is why you shouldn’t waste more time and be among the first to surprise your audience with a magical augmented experience.
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Know more about Augmented Reality marketing  the key to your marketing success

  • Thrill

Aside from being creative and new, you surely do not want to be short on the thrilling part. If your ad does not catch the viewer’s attention within seconds, then the chances that it will do its job are not going to be high enough. And the only way for it to cease the opportunity is to be catchy and exciting. You can’t expect a dull, lifeless advert to make your target convert.
You want your campaigns to arouse emotions. You want to make your customers see something they haven’t encountered before, and feel the urge of wanting to know more and to discover what you are offering. You can make them visualize your products in a different way, you can tell thrilling stories about your brand and what makes you unique, you can gamify your campaign and make the thrill last. We ourselves definitely work every day to get the essence of that and make people engage with all their senses!

  • Intimacy

Last but not least, after you earn the attention of the audience you want to make them remember you. you want your ad to be spoken about with both excitement and attachment.
Steve Jobs’ marketing lesson “don’t sell products, sell dreams” is not to be forgotten. We all love Nike’s Just do it and apple’s Think different campaign. why? It is because they were not only selling shoes and electronics they were sharing values and goals. Their ads grew personal to people. When you see their logo you immediately recall the feeling they gave you.

Our extensive research about this made us build our dream to not only help people share the content they wish in an exhilarating way but to give them an actual way that will help make their brand memorized. Our goal is to give anyone the chance with the simple scan of their logo, to tell their story. “Don’t just advertise, Create an experience to forge a bond”.


Advertising is an art and we are keen on making you master it! If you are curious about seeing that happen then go ahead and hit the subscription button to start your journey with Augmania

See you next time!

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