Hands on The iOS 13 Top Features, Rumors and More!

Getting a bit tired of the current iPhone interface? Well, cheer up, friends! Finally, Apple has just announced iOS 13 at WWDC 2019. With a surplus of software and hardware announcements, Apple’s newest mobile operating system was the star of the show.

Operating on iPhone 6S and beyond, iOS 13 is packed with great surprises. But, before we get to all the cool features, let’s highlight some performance promises from Apple. Aiming to help users “do everything faster”, iOS 13 apps will load twice faster than their predecessors. Mainly, that’s because apps will be smaller by 50% while updates will be smaller by 60%. In addition, Face ID will be 30% faster.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have a release date for iOS 13. However, all signs point toward a September launch along with the new generation of iPhones. Also, beta is available now to developers.

Honestly, it feels like we’ve procrastinated enough. So, it’s time to get to business! Here are the top 6 features of iOS 13:

1- iPhone Goes Dark

There comes a time when a hero must turn to the dark side. After years of popular demand, iPhone will do just that as it gets a Dark Mode via iOS 13. At WWDC, Apple showed off iOS’s new mystic look and it’s gorgeous.

Credit: Endgadget

Apple claims the new mode is easier on our eyes. While such a claim is still awaiting scientific confirmation, Dark Mode is still pretty handy. Particularly, the new feature can help in saving battery. For iPhones with OLED display (X and beyond), enabling Dark Mode is literally like turning off excess lights. Hence, users would get to channel their cooler inner dark sides and simultaneously save energy when iOS 13 arrives.

2- Adaptive Battery Charging

How many times have you been through the following scenario? You buy a new smartphone, and to protect its battery, you promise to always unplug it from the charger immediately after reaching 100%. Then, you actually keep your promise for some time. Eventually, though, you miss out a few consecutive times and feel like you’ve ruined the battery. So, you end up letting go. You decide to live out the rest of your smartphone’s life with a bad battery.

Well, it’s a sad story that we’ve all had to live through. Thankfully, iOS 13 is taking a step toward ending that tragedy. Enter, Optimized Battery Charging! Essentially, the feature allows your iPhone to charge normally till it reaches 80%. From there, the phone actually changes the pace of charging. If you’re the kind who leaves a smartphone charging overnight, then your iPhone will adapt to your lifestyle. That is, the battery will take longer to go from 80% to 100%.

Ultimately, the goal is to reduce the amount of time the phone is left at 100% while plugged. It’s at that point that batteries start taking damage. Therefore, Apple presents an innovative solution to this genuine pain with the new iOS 13 feature.

Credit: wccftech

3- Reminders that Actually Remind Us?

Every new iOS, Apple likes to take one of its veteran apps and completely overhauls it. With iOS 13, it’s Reminders’ turn. First off, Reminders is getting a new fancy toolbar. Specifically, the toolbar will serve as a shortcut to make Reminders accessible at any instant. Further, Reminders will be much more organized with better filtering options.

Plus, Reminders will be integrated into other apps. For example, one of these apps is Messenger. Siri, who just received a new more realistic voice, can interfere in your chats to suggest creating reminders.

Credit: iDownloadBlog

4- Maps to Brag about

iPhone owners will take every chance they can to brag about any of the iPhone features. Though when it comes to that little feature, they’d just rather not talk about it.

Of course, that feature is Maps. Everyone knows how superior Google Maps is to Apple’s Maps application. Despite that, Apple may be at last shifting the tides. As a part of iOS 13, iPhone users will get a new version of Maps.

Apart from being visually compelling, the new Maps is way more detailed. In essence, it more accurately depicts everything on the maps and not just the roads you drive in. So if you’re passing by a golf course, you will be able to tell so. It won’t look like just some green area.

Another nifty addition to Maps is Folders. Yes, you can now create folders for certain destinations and add all relevant locations to said folders. If you’re settled on a destination, but still aren’t settled on where to go there, Maps’ got your back. Just in case you want a closer look at a certain location, iOS 13’s Maps offers you ‘Look Around’. Look Around is a new feature that allows you to see wonderful live 360 shots of different locations

Credit: 9to5Mac

5- Committed to Privacy

For years now, Apple has treated user privacy as a priority. Indeed, that doesn’t change with iOS 13. In fact, it gets more efficient. At WWDC, Apple announced that iPhone owners will have a new camouflaged way to sign into apps. Easily, iOS 13 users will be able to “Sign in with Apple”.

Chiefly, this feature gives users an alternative to signing into apps with Google or Facebook. Both of which have come under scrutiny for giving away user info in the past. Conversely, signing in with Apple is only going to provide app developers with Apple IDs.

Credit: TechCrunch

6- AR Empowered

As Google showed off its new AR Search to the world, Apple wasn’t far behind. For at WWDC, AR was a major attraction. As a result, iOS 13 is getting multiple features involving AR.

For starters, Apple introduced ARKit 3. The new AR toolkit is getting major renovations. Of these, people occlusion is especially impressive. Say goodbye to the days of virtual AR objects interacting awkwardly with people in your shots. Instead, virtual objects will lay smoothly behind people.

One of the most universally beloved games is getting some AR love with iOS 13. Minecraft will never be the same again! With ARKit 3, you’ll be able to transport yourself to all your Minecraft creations.

Credit: Venture Beat

Last but certainly not least, WebAR is reportedly going to be a huge part of iOS 13.

In case you aren’t familiar with WebAR, it’s all the AR fun you know except it’s on the web. Basically, you only need a browser to experience WebAR awesomeness. Thus, there’s no need to download apps or take up storage with WebAR.

Back to iOS 13, it’s reported that Apple’s newest operating system might shed light on WebAR like never before. Most notably, iOS 13 might support getUserMedia in WKWebView. In non-coding jargon, this means that iOS 13 could trigger the camera from inside any app. In turn, this will initiate WebAR experiences from any iOS 13 app. We are keeping our fingers crossed for this one !!

These are the biggest iOS 13 features that we know for now. But there are reportedly more to come as Apple reveals more about the new iPhones! Which new features would you like to see the most?