Interactive Ideas to Turn Your Next Event into A Memorable Experience

The event management industry is a booming one. In 2016, Statista reported that the industry reached a revenue of 30.3 billion USD. With that said, it’s a no-brainer that the industry is a highly competitive one. Event organizers around the world are always on the hunt for interactive ideas to get users involved in a memorable experience. As a rule of the 21st century, if you’re itching for new ideas, you must bet on technology.

Event management moguls are well aware of that rule and have been applying it neatly. Recently, we’ve seen incredible tech in events that enhanced check-in, security, and attendees engagement. 

To event planners, perhaps no technology is more convenient than Augmented Reality. AR is unique, interactive, versatile, and easily the most accessible tech around.

All these perks make AR the perfect source of interactive event ideas. It really is as if AR and event management are a match made in heaven. Though to be honest, the same could be said about AR and many other industries. Anyway if you’re an event planner and want to master using AR in events, Augmania has you covered!

The following is a compilation of brilliant examples of AR incorporation into different kinds of events:

Corporate Events

Corporate events vary in size, duration, and purpose. Yet AR has already found its way into corporate events aplenty (versatility, remember?). Even the most dull of corporate events have become all the more merrier with AR injections. Take meetings for example. There are some occasions when a virtual meeting will do and these are some awesome occasions. Other occasions, like when a big number of participants needs to be present, call for physical meetings.

These occasions are unavoidable. Likewise, the catastrophe of attendees staring at their phones throughout the meeting is just as unavoidable. However, AR can help meeting planners capitalize on that catastrophe rather than fight it. Gamifying meetings using AR will make attendees use their phones to go through the milestones of the meeting. Theming meetings as treasure hunts, for instance, has become a popular event idea to boost interactivity from attendees.

AR treasure hunts can also be used for events such as conferences, product launches, and trade shows. Such events usually require larger venues. With large venues, organizers devote major effort to making venue navigation smooth. That way attendees can reach their desired destinations easily. Creating an AR venue tour will make navigation even easier.

Surely easier than with the typical printed maps nobody looks at.

Using AR in product display is one surefire event idea to mesmerize attendees. The idea of displaying products in AR is especially handy with sizable products. In an outstanding product showcase, Ford allowed attendees of the 2017 North American International Auto Show to view the insides of 3 Ford cars using Microsoft’s Hololens. Attendees could even leave remarks on what they would change in the cars for Ford designers to review. Now that’s one way to listen to your audience.

 Ford Advanced Reality 2017, Youtube 

You can harness AR to generate interactive ideas for events that feature multiple speakers. Users can scan speakers’ faces to learn whatever info you’d like them to learn about the event guests. Take it a step further and enable the same feature for all attendees. It will make networking a great deal easier.

Finally, what is a good event without a vintage photo booth? Well, AR is a great fit for that too. An AR mirror would work best here. Attendees can add 3D props to their reflections and adjust shots with their hands before taking pictures. They will leave the event with pretty cool unorthodox pictures and memories of an extraordinary event.

                                                         Copyright Boaz via Viemo 


Event ideas such as AR venue tours and photo booths work just as fine for concerts as well. Whereas tech is used in corporate events for efficiency, it’s used in concerts rather for flashiness. AR sure can get flashy, folks (versatility, remember?). Look no further than Coachella 2012. Fans couldn’t believe their eyes as they saw the legendary Tupac Shakur take to the stage live once again.

According to MTV , the hologram cost between 100-400K USD and took four months of work. It certainly paid off as the amazingly realistic Pac hologram joined Snoop Dogg for an epic Hail Mary rendition. You can even see Snoop get emotional as he reunites with his friend in all his glory.

It’s truly one of the greatest Coachella moments ever…

Tupac Hologram Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, Youtube

Perhaps inspired by the buzz hologram Tupac created, Rob Thomas created an AR experience for his fanbase in 2016. As a part of the VIP package for Thomas’ concerts, fans could perform duets with him. Kind of. Fans stood in front of a display that transported their hologram to a stage where Thomas was performing. After fans got the singalongs of their dreams, they received videos of the performances to brag with online.

Back to Coachella. This year, Eminem showed he was a tech geek as he unveiled Eminem Augmented. The app allows Em concertgoers to unlock exclusive visuals as he performs to complement the experience. Such visuals include a giant Slim knocking off helicopters a la Godzilla and Jason (from Friday the 13th) complete with a butcher knife and a chainsaw floating above the crowd; basically just a little glimpse of what’s going on inside Slim’s noggin. 

Eminem Coachella Live hologram, Youtube


For organizational parties, a lot of the previous event ideas have hopefully already provided some inspiration. But this next part is not for event organizers. It’s for those who just want to gather their loved ones and have a nice little party. Now if, lovely reader, you reside in Toronto, then you’re in for a special treat. You can hold a party in Battleverse’s gaming facility. The facility provides you with AR headsets and controllers to do battle AR style. The battle will be straight out of your wildest Sci Fi fantasies.

If you don’t live in Toronto, AR can still help you have killer parties. An AR game will be your best friend here. There are tons of AR multiplayer games to download right now on both the App Store and the Play Store. Of course, you could go for Pokemon Go, but that’s just too 2016. New AR games are available now that raise the bar higher.

Apple’s SwiftShot is an AR game that pits teams against each other in a slingshot war. It may sound simple, but it takes strategy and team camaraderie to win in this game. The game will also force you to move around a lot in order to perfect your shots. If your gang is looking for something more classic, you can try AR versions of Jenga and Beer Pong.

Hands-on with Apple’s Swift Shot augmented reality game , Youtube

But if you really want to go AR crazy, check out Night Terrors: Bloody Mary. Paranormal Activity’s Oren Peli is the mastermind behind this horror AR adventure. The goal Peli’s team had in mind with this game was to literally scare people of their own homes. That’s about as evil as it gets, but still pretty ambitious so props, I guess.

Night Terrors: Bloody Mary – Official Tease, Youtube

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