Christmas is here ; Time to send some augmented cards!

Tradition is one word that we get to hear a lot around this time of the year. Ahh yes, it’s Christmas season, folks! ☃️ and we can’t wait for Santa to arrive with some AR magic gifts 🎅 

One of the popular traditions in this season is , of course, sending Christmas cards to loved ones. Yet it’s a tradition that hasn’t necessarily been going strong for the past decade. According to a research by WorldRemit in the UK , 52% prefer to send out Christmas greetings using social media rather than physical cards. Guys, admit it, you were giving up on the traditional Christmas cards lately… 

An obvious cause of this decline is the lifestyle humans abide by today. In spite of that, we still shouldn’t let our lifestyles take a toll on our traditions because they already have survived years for a good reason. On that note, let’s take a look at how and why sending greeting cards became one of the most popular Christmas traditions ever.

It all began in Christmas 1843 when Sir Henry Cole, a man of immense reverence in the art movement in the UK at the time, wanted to show love to his many friends, including those he hadn’t been able to stay in touch with due to how busy he was.

He reached out to renowned artist John Horsley and together they created the first Christmas card in history. The response for Cole’s thoughtful deed was heartwarming as recipients of the card saw the innovation that went into Cole’s way of wishing them a blessed Christmas.

Ever since, as Christmas cards evolved and became more creative, one aspect remained consistent. The purpose behind sending them was always to put in extra effort and time to celebrate the special relationships between the senders and the receivers every Christmas.

If you ask us, there’s nothing more wonderful in the entire world. We believe this is the very reason the tradition has lived on for all these years. One person who agrees with us is dear Santa Claus himself. Last Christmas in an alley near a vintage Christmas bazaar, we stumbled upon a conversation between Santa and someone he called a “not-so-good kid” (who looked to be a 30 year older by the way) that was so nostalgic but took an interesting turn toward the end. It went like this:

Santa: So, not-so-good kid, I see you didn’t send any Christmas cards last year. Are you planning on sending some this year?

Not-so-good kid: Nope. I think I’ll just stick to giving out greetings online again this year. Facebook status and a Whatsapp broadcast message will probably do. Might even pull out an Instagram post as well.

Santa: Care to elabo-Ho-Ho-Ho-rate on why you’ve stopped using actual cards?

Not-so-good kid: Well, Santa, considering how stressful my life has been recently, the last thing I’d go for right now is a trip to the post office. Not to mention, the amount of time and thought that I gave the cards I used to send is a luxury I simply do not have anymore.

Santa: Let me ask you this. Didn’t you have fun creating those cards? Weren’t they a so-Ho-Ho-Ho-urce of happiness for those you care about?

Not-so-good kid: Yeah, I did enjoy creating them and my family and friends really liked my cards.

Santa: Then, don’t you think you owe it to them and to yourself to invest extra time and effort only once every year to sho-Ho-Ho-Ho-w them how much you love them?

Not-so-good kid: Guess you’re right about that. I have been not-so-good, but not anymore!

Santa: Splendid! Here are the Fo-Ho-Ho-Ho-rtnite codes you asked for this year and I’ve got someplace to go now. Take care, my child. *hops onto his sleigh and takes to the sky*

Not-so-good kid: Thanks, Santa!

Oh, wait! Santa last Christmas I sent my mom a video of me using her recipe to make apple pies. She loved it. How can I do that using cards?

Santa: Huh? Sorry, child. Didn’t catch that. I think I’m getting o-Ho-Ho-Ho-ld. Talk next year!

Whoops! That’s some trouble Santa has found himself in. Indeed the one perk of sending Christmas greetings online over using Christmas cards is sharing personal digital content.

Using Augmented Reality, you can craft your special cards, scent them in your favorite perfume, and then overlay all kinds of digital content onto them to amuse your loved ones. You can go as wild as you wish. So, yes, not-so-good kid, now you can send your mother cooking videos in your cards 🥞.  You can also create a 3D Christmas tree, decorate it exactly the way you and your father used to, and then send it to him to interact with it. 🎄

You can definitely send your siblings an audio file containing a karaoke medley of all the Christmas carols you adored singing as kids 🎤. How about that friend of yours who is spending her/his first Christmas as a parent and may be a bit overwhelmed? Augmenting their Christmas card will allow you to send them a nice supportive video to help alleviate any stress. 😄

So that’s a message to all the not-so-good kids or even adults of the world. You are out of excuses. There’s nothing like receiving a Christmas card in your mailbox. It’s a tradition that never fails to draw smiles to people’s faces. Any human being will feel appreciated and loved when special care is put into your way of showing him/her that he/she is in your thoughts. And there’s no better way to show that special care than using AR for your Christmas cards.

So do-Ho-Ho-Ho-n’t mention it, Santa! And from our family to yours, we wish you a very merry Christmas!

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