The Dilemma Of a Digital Marketer

The dilemma of a digital marketer

As a digital marketer,  I often get the question of what exactly I do, how my  typical workday looks like, etc, but I never seem to give a straight answer 

Consequences? Drowned in the assumption that my everyday life is all fun with no real work.

It is true that I get to do a lot of awesome work, but believe me, it’s not always a walk in the park.. which is the reason today I decided to walk you through my typical day of work.

So, first things first

Let me start by explaining what is digital marketing, as most people believe that is a job in which I get paid for spending my day chatting and making new friends on social media.

Technically, they are not completely wrong… for I do spend most of my day on social media, and yes I do chat with people and make new friends … but wait… it is not what you think it is!

The purpose behind this is to talk to people like you, understand your challenges and pains in order to find a way to solve it.

So, you see, digital marketing is all about finding the right channels to tell your company’s story, join discussions with people to build relationships, gain trust to establish your brand identity, and eventually convert those people into customers.

To get further information about digital marketing check What Is Digital Marketing, and The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing.

Now that we both have the same understanding of what digital marketing is,

let us move to my typical workday

In the morning, I head to the office, check my emails, and my social accounts to address any urgent matter quickly. Later, I check the latest news, the rest I put into my daily actions list.

Mid-morning, I will go over a team humble to get a look at the analytics reports. We go over the metrics to understand where our company is standing in order to improve our next work. Towards lunch, I do some research and continue to move down my lists of next action to-dos

Tip: Daily research is an essential part of any digital marketer workday. It is important to stay on top of trends, read related blogs to your industry, search for interesting stories to understand your customers’ interests, their pain and the challenges in order to establish your company as the creative solution to their problems

Mid-day, I will monitor our online channels, plan the daily posts, prepare the blog, and go over the strategy to make sure our work is aligned with our goals.

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Tip:  Developing strategies is part of the work, it is, in fact, the most important task. The strategy includes creating a blog, feeding social media accounts, working on improving the search engine optimization (SEO), etc.

If you are a digital marketer then you are also concerned with planning campaigns. Perhaps today’s challenge is to come up with interactive campaigns that will Make Your Ads Stand out!

At Augmania, We believe that AR is the new language, it is Your way to brand legacy

Late in the day I have meetings with clients, understand their worries, give my recommendations, and so on. Afterward, I will work on preparing lead nurturing email campaigns, follow up with previous ones in order to ensure a consistent flow of leads and clients.

Tip:  The follow-up is crucial for digital marketers. Getting insights on email marketing campaigns, open rates, traffic, blog visits, and bounce rates is important as it helps in refining the work to stay on top of numbers.

Now we come to the most exciting part of the day: Gym time people!

Yes! Time to burn some calories, reduce the day’s stress, and have a good night’s sleep. Not bad right!

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Do emotions drive customer behavior?

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In the intro of our blog, Your way to brand legacy, we briefly mentioned brands’ preference and how do people choose their favorite product. As this is a process of a huge importance, we wanted to dig deeper into it and discuss it furthermore.


Take a couple of minutes and think about a brand that you like or even love. I don’t expect you to be as crazy about it as Cher Horowitz in Clueless but I am positive there is a brand or two that means a lot to you.

Now think more. What is it that you actually love about this brand?

  • Is it the best in the field? ( maybe, but on the technical part I am pretty sure the market can find you a better product).
  • Is it the cheapest and you feel no burden spending money on it?  Or maybe it is the most expensive which is what you always look for.

These might be factors that make this brand appealing but they are not the reason for which you become a loyal customer.

How come? you may ask.

Well, research has proven that customers who prove brand loyalty are driven by emotional behaviors rather than rational decisions. In other words, brands that can get people emotionally hooked are the ones who generate more reach and a long term profit.

Now, how is that possible? 

First Brands need to deliver a good product to the market. It is undoubtful to say that the very first brand impression is its performance satisfaction. Customers need to approve of what is the brand offering. They cannot blindly opt for it through only an emotional demeanor.  A certain brand differentiation needs to be noticed at the market. However, the turning point that determines a brand’s long-term success is its emotion-driven marketing.

Big brands have seized the opportunity and leveraged it to the most.

Notable examples:

Disney “Where the dreams come true”: this worldwide brand spoke to the inner child of every person. The company’s extremely powerful branding focused on spreading magic all over the world. Disney is the ambassador of happy ever afters. At some point, everybody feels bewitched to buy a Disney product. It is simply unconscious!

Nike “Just Do it”: This brand’s marketing is genius to me. Nike’s tagline resonated everywhere. Why? Because It spoke to everybody. It wasn’t only exclusive to athletes. At the contrary, it spread the love of sports and mostly of determination. It lifted up spirits and thus easily gained the hearts of its target audience.    

Apple’s “Think different”: The brand is not only a pioneer in the tech industry, but it generates a whole mindset to its audience. It celebrates difference. It celebrates creativity and it makes you feel smart and capable. I can’t say the brand worked its tricks on its audience because nothing feels tricky about it. Everything feels simple and genuine.


I can go on and on. But I hope you got the point.

If you are a digital marketer or a brand manager, It is crucial to know the emotional motivators of your target audience.

I know that benchmarking on the brands above can get you nervous, but you don’t have to compete with that!

You just need to understand your potential clients and learn how to connect with them both rationally and emotionally. Once you forge a powerful bond with your customers, you will be able to drive their behaviors and retain them.

The process may take a while; I mean a whole “science” was created for the matter.

Companies today hire more data scientists to dig in and fully research their niche’s behavior in order to come up with the best marketing strategy accordingly.

It is not easy! And it is not really scientific. But that is how brands hack their way through the market.

The range of emotional connections that your brand can make is not limited.

It can relate to your product; like generating a feeling of uniqueness or of well-being or of luxury etc. but it can also relate to the culture of the brand. You can be a tech company but you strongly stand for certain values: you can be an environmentalist and a part of your profit is dedicated to environmental causes. You can be a philanthropist and you display your humanitarian affiliation through your campaigns and your activities.

All of this accounts to the emotional connection- driven strategy.

Once you figure out your voice and decide which emotional connection(s) you wish to convey, then it is just a matter of how to convey them.

Hint: Work on your marketing and remember that social media affiliated customers are 3 times more emotionally connected than the rest of your customers. So leverage your social network to the fullest and give it the power to always impress!

A great way to do that is to get them engaged through innovative marketing. We are living in a time of disruptive technology, and it is crucial to ride the wave and use it to drive customers.

Here at Augmania we leverage AR for better marketing. Our DIY self-service AR campaign builder is a tool to help marketers advertise in a way that directly speaks to customers and emotionally connect with them.

So, if you too believe that is what marketing is about, be our guest and join our special list of early adopters:

See you soon!


The Do’s and Don’ts every marketer should know



“In marketing, it doesn’t hurt to be obsessed with your business!”

Because if you do, it will naturally show in your marketing. You will care more than everybody else about how to communicate it to the world.

However, you might not be too keen on what you are actually doing. You might not like marketing in the first place, yet here you are reading the Dos and Don’ts every marketer should know. In this case, you are on the right track.

Marketing, more specifically digital marketing has its perks. Some practices might work for a period of time and fail right after it. The domain is always on the swing. Right now, I won’t give you specific “trendy” tactics to integrate within your marketing but I will remind you of some basics to help you along the way.


So first let’s start with what not to do!

1.Don’t advertise for the sake of advertising

Some if not many businesses are flooding social media with ads that only accumulate content. They neither display an efficient brand image nor do they convey the right message to customers, which only indicates how clueless they are. Advertising is about promotion but you gotta be smart about it. It is not about invading the social media and having your brand’s logo pop up everywhere. You can drown the internet with ads but they are either too shallow or too confusing to attract anybody. Then, it is time for you to change your advertising perspective.

Put more effort to portray your business in the best way possible. Remember that people love storytelling so tell them a story! Send more heartfelt messages.

Image result for seth godin marketing quotes

Here is a pretty interesting blog about successful marketing campaigns that rounded about storytelling:

You don’t need to go viral all the time! You don’t need to sponsor your ads on every channel out there. It is a matter of quality, not quantity. 

2.Don’t over-benchmark

Comparing your marketing strategy against others in your field is very important. I could even say it is one of the primary tasks that you should do before setting up your own strategy. But don’t over do it. Some marketers are constantly researching their competitors’ marketing activities to the point where they lose focus on their own marketing. Meaning; they unconsciously start imitating their competitors and end up losing their authenticity. Especially at the beginning, it is so easy to get caught up by the market influence and surrender to the safe competitor style.

  3.Don’t Rush your editorial calendar

The clock is ticking, time pressure gets intenser and your boss is getting impatient. You feel rushed as everyone is expecting your content plan to be delivered and started upon. Don’t panic! If a delay will happen then let it happen. Why? Because convincing your boss to get his patience extended is better than messing up and failing the whole marketing strategy.  Hasting a guide such as the editorial calendar can spoil all of your content strategies, so be careful about it. Always keep in mind the greater good and don’t let momentarily tenseness get in your way of success.


Now, what you should do:

1.Create content you actually like

You know how important content marketing is for your business. It is what draws people to your website and basically what triggers your potential customers. Meaning: don’t create lousy content. Put yourself in the shoes of your reach and criticize what you provide online. It is crucial to be somewhat creative and appealing to win over the content market. Create insightful posters, interesting infographics, fun concise videos or any type of content that you enjoy first and prior to anything.

Play on the visual part! Be catchy and trick people to scroll down your pages then leave them the chance to actually like your content.


TIP: Exploit technology to your benefit! Don’t miss out on disruptive tech in the field and reach out to the tools that can help you win your crowd.  A breeze of fresh air for content marketing is Augmented Reality. So, go ahead and dive into it to get more attention and differentiate yourself.

Know more: The key to your marketing success

Your way to brand legacy

2.Be strategic

It is crucial to study your niche and be well familiar with your product and its market. Your marketing needs to be accurately aligned with all of that. Successful campaigns are not arbitrary. They are well studied and well executed and they definitely required a long period of time to be finalized.

So Long story short, take your time, grasp your task and dig deeper through the best strategy you can pull to meet the high expectations.

Check out 15 Marketing strategies that inspire strategic thinkers:

3.Be positive

Last but certainly not least, be cool about it. I know it is hard to be optimistic when your metrics met the pessimistic expectation. But it is not the end of the world. You can’t think strategically and be negative about it at the same time. Have some patience and confidence in what you are doing. You need to believe that it is possible to hack your way through the market in order to actually do it. So, give yourself some time and credit and hang on through the rough patches of the digital world.


If you have any question, leave it in the comment section!

See you soon!

8 struggles you will face if you are digital marketer

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Digital marketing is a nonending challenge for brand survival. It is tricky and requires a whole lot of patience! If you’d ask me what best describes it I’d say the not so pleasant Hunger Games.

Think about it: You are basically competing on the digital world where only the strongest ( more persistent), the fastest (more up to date) and of course the smarter wins!

trying to keep your business alive in one of the most swinging markets out there with a rule of the jungle is not what I categorize as a piece of cake.

Indeed digital marketers nowadays are facing many hardships to first deliver the message they want and second to get satisfying results.

So, if you still think that digital marketing is an easy way out of a job then watch these 8 struggles, we poor marketers have to go through on a daily basis.

  1. Efficient Content Creation

The first step to enter marketing world is to become a content creator. You can’t promote the void, you need content! Now, what type of content, and how to market it becomes the question. In a world where content generation is measured within seconds, you need to break your way through. You need to choose what to diffuse, WordPress blogs, infographics, videos, newsletters, podcasts, webinars etc. You also need to know when to diffuse it;  what time of the day exactly; which hour? It is both a waste of effort and a waste of time to create content just for the sake of creation. The core purpose of content marketing is to generate hot traffic! You need everything you post to go viral and convert as many leads as possible. For that, it is essential to focus and make an effective content strategy that meets your goals.  

Here is a great read for you about effective content creation:  

  2. Optimizing Sessions


Now that you started executing your content strategy, your social channels engagement is doing pretty good, your blog is getting enough clicks, your Twitter impressions are pretty high and everything seems okay. You visit your Google Analytics, you hit that acquisition button and you get shocked with the low sessions coming from the very same channels you’ve been putting your heart and soul on. It is hard to grasp but hey, who said marketing was a rub on the shoulder! Measurement accuracy can freak you out sometimes but you have to be grateful for it, it is an eye opener to what should be done and not. As much as it will hurt, you gotta let emotions of the deal and cross out some of the channels you are active on. They might be your favorites but their bounce rate is just too high and they will not get you any conversion anytime soon. So basically, be more data-driven. If a channel is not working, leave it, optimize what you can get from it. If it is the source of your niche but it has low engagement then get contacts from it and use another channel to approach them!

3. SEO ranking

SEO is a pain. You know it is crucial so you try to earn a good ranking. You stuff your posts with as many keywords as possible, you start duplicating content and diluting phrases to the point where none of your sentences sound natural. All of your content feels boosted and you lose your originality. Not to mention all the tiny practices that you never put your finger on yet they are the source of your SEO issues ( meta description issues, tag issues, broken links and images, low word count, too many on page links…). The list never ends, and the guidelines for it are constantly updated.

check out this blog for more caution and better SEO practices

4. Generating leads (and reducing cold calling)


This is by far the hardest struggle you could deal with. The whole purpose of marketing is to generate leads and get people to convert. It is a curvy deal! At first, it can be rough, then when you settle a bit and pace up your practices you’ll start generating them. After a while though, the number will start shrinking and you will need to figure out a new way to do it.  

It is bumpy, and periodical but it requires persistence and focus. Once you do that, you will realize the magic formula to generate the perfect number of leads.


5. Securing budget


It is uncertain, especially for small companies to secure enough budget for their marketing activities. As frustrating as it seems, money should not be an obstacle to marketing, especially not digital marketing! The solution to it is to prove higher ROI! The more efficient marketing is the more ROI increases. At first, it is okay to start on a low budget for the sake of the greater good. You just need to be smarter about it and hack your marketing to make it. Later after you secure good results then you can totally ask for more budget and it will be granted to you in a blink of an eye.

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6. Talent


As digital marketing becomes more data-driven, having the right skills to keep up with it is for sure a challenge. These skills range from artsy interest to literary affiliation to data science. Not to forget computer knowledge and social intelligence.

If you are a marketer, you need to:

  • Understand the needs of your niche and know exactly how to persuade them.
  • Be creative and create appealing content: written or attractive visuals
  • Be fast paced and keep up with Social media’s insiders
  • Have great communication skills
  • Be data driven

So yeah, marketing position eligibility is not obvious to everybody.

7. Finding the best strategy


This is the constant worry for digital marketers. It goes without saying that finding the best strategy is what determines marketing success. But it is not easy! It requires days and days of studies, of analysis and of constant feedback to finally define it. For you to find the best strategy you have to go through all of the above. You have to determine the ways you want to approach your leads: is it email marketing which itself needs a whole strategy. Or maybe Direct Messaging via social media. Is it indirect approach via content marketing where you seduce the leads and let them follow.  All of which needs a perfect plan and a perfect calendar. You would need to determine the best technology, the convenient budget and of course you have to prove your ROI to your boss or else none of this matters.

It is hard but it is not impossible and it is definitely not permanent. You need to keep it flexible! You know how resilient the field is and it is absurd to bubble up over a certain practice without embracing the constant change and adapt to it.

8.Keeping up with metrics


After this, you might think you’ve got everything figured out, well, sorry to say think again!

Defining metrics is already a challenge, but it is vital for defining your strategy. The problem, however, is securing the metrics that you have estimated within your strategy.

Let’s say you are looking for a fixed number of subscribers within a fixed period of time. You’ve set what needs to be done to generate them, but your metrics are saying otherwise!

Don’t lose your temper over it, give it some time, and if your KPIs are still bad then go back to that strategy of yours and fetch what is it that is not working.



Life is not easy but efforts pay off well! Here at Augmania, we aim to make your life as a digital marketer less defiant. We are keeping up with today’s disruptive technology a.k.a. AR to help you hack marketing in the most compelling, data-friendly way.

If you wonder how is that then check out our website: 

Or better,  become one of our early adopters and judge by yourself:

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See you soon!

The Ultimate way to end Adblock



Remember when Facebook began its ad inventory and everybody, every business leveraged it for their campaigns? Not to mention the giant Google and its record-beating advertising shares. These companies have gained a huge amount of money from it to until it became a primary revenue source.






The ad revenue witnessed an even bigger growth when consumers switched PCs to smartphones for surfing the Internet. Since then, mobile ad sales have grown tremendously giving the opportunity to widen the ad market.






Unfortunately, things are going down the hill nowadays. Studies have revealed that Facebook and Google are having too many ad worries!  Advertising, in general, is becoming a headache. People increasingly find it ANNOYING to the point where an ad-nausea became immersive and ad blocking became a necessity for the majority of internet users.






The problem is while mobile ad sales are growing, their share of the total revenues has been relatively flat. And there is no true call of action to defeat it.

1: Because there is no new ad inventory since phone use has somehow gotten stable and the platforms are already ad inflated.

2: Because as seen the content is bothersome.

Not to cut the hopes though, there actually is a solution for this: By using the right technology it is possible to boost ad revenues.


The main issue is people’s reaction to ads, right? The more they Adblock the more companies are damaged. So it is only a matter of reversing the situation. What if we can change people’s reactions towards ads? What if we get rid of ad-nausea and flip it to ad-appeal. There won’t be any new ad inventory released anytime soon so the only way to change the facts is by optimizing the existing inventories and basically make people like ads!


No way you might think!

Yes way, the right technology does exist for it and it is called Augmented Reality (AR).

Why AR?

You can say AR and spark a non-ending conversation about its emergence and the way it is reshaping our lives!  Read 5 ways AR reshapes our lives.

But AR’s contributions to marketing and advertising are an eye awakening to the fact that it is what we need to be armed with if we want to combat the consistent stubborn war against ads which I happen to fully excuse. Ads can show lousy content, no creativity, and sickeningly repetitive import. AR is a way to fix that!  Check our article: make your ads stand out if you want to discover how.

Augmented Reality pressures you into unleashing your creativity and portrays it in a very high-quality disruptive technology.

Ads with AR are more friendly thus tend to appeal more to people and resist rejection the most.

Facebook has recently taken a step closer towards AR as it released its new augmented platform at F8 and made it mainstream for its acquisitions as well. This is where you can sense the change. Imagine later Facebook’s wall a 3D space and everyone stroll down a virtual media with augmented ads that nobody ever minds. At least that is how I envision the near future. And I say near because of the emergence of AR authoring and publishing tools such as Augmania: an AR content-based digital marketing platform to create compelling campaigns and embed them on all social media.

Everyone is expecting Facebook and Google to deliver stellar ad growth and breaking into AR is an opportunity to be ceased for them to do so.


Tell us what you think!

And if you are a digital marketer who wants to overcome Adblock, subscribe here and become one of the early adopters to shift the standards of social media.