Introducing Augmania Templates


Previously on the Augmania blog, we announced integration with Unity. And we explained what that means for users who wish to have gamified WebAR experiences. Today, the Augmania creator updates continue. Building on our aim to make the creator super easy to use, allow us to introduce Augmania Templates!

Indeed, for users who had never been exposed to AR before, it may be overwhelming to use the creator with all its customization options. Actually, it might be even more so to come up with ideas to implement using the creator. We totally understand if you want to invest in WebAR without fully grasping how you can utilize it efficiently. However, we’re here to change that together!

Augmania Templates are our latest step toward reaching that. After a fair share of research, we found two use cases that hold value in all kinds of business. Then, we turned them into templates on the creator. These two templates are *drumroll please* Biz Cards and Invitations!

Let’s start with Business Cards, which is what we call our uber fancy business cards, shall we?

This how the templates of Business Cards look like:

Here’s how Business Cards templates work:

Step 1: Upload your Business Card design.

Of course, you’re free to go as creative as you wish here, by either uploading a design or a video. In the case of the Business Card design, you must include a QR code which recipients will scan to unlock AR content. The Augmania creator immediately provides you with said QR code. You can then download it and add it to your Business Card design. Finally, upload your design with the QR code on it.

Augmania Business Card Template

Step 2: Fill out links of your social channels.

You’ll be asked to fill in your website, email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, phone number, and work address. This is the info that will be displayed in AR icons when recipients scan your Business Card. Tapping any of these icons takes scanners of your cards directly to your accounts on each respective social channel. Alternatively, you could choose to upload an introductory video to be triggered by scanning the Business Card.

Augmania Business Card Template

Step 3: Activate the Business Card.

Now, you’re ready to go and your Business Card will be equipped with awesome AR content.

As you can tell, it’s a fairly easy process to use Business Card templates. However, it can make a massive difference.

So in a nutshell, there’s a number of advantages to Business Cards built using Augmania templates. For one, they provide card owners with an edge to stand out at large events. Plus, recipients have new ways to access your Business Cards such as through browser histories.

Alright, so we’re done with the magical perks of Business Cards. It’s high time we start talking about the second kind of Augmania templates, Invitation templates!

Does your company hold events frequently? Or are you a wedding planner who wants to put a special twist on conventional wedding invitations? Or are you perhaps someone who happens to enjoy partying more than most? Then, Augmania’s WebAR Invitation Templates are exactly what you need.

This is what Invitation templates look like:

Here’s how Invitation templates work:

Step 1: Upload the Invitation design.

Simply, push the design you created for your event’s invitation to the creator. Again, there are no limits to how wild you want to go with your designs. Instead, you could also use video invitations.  Whichever option you go with, your invitees will get to see your invitations in AR.

Augmania Invitation Template

Step 2: Set your Yes and No button prompts.

Along with your invitations, there will be two AR buttons. One’s a Yes button and the other is a No button. As you set up your invitation to the creator, you will choose the prompts for your invitees’ responses. For the Yes button, you enter a link for the application form of your event. Should an invitee tap Yes, he/she will be instantly taken to said link to fill in the application. As for the No button, its prompt involves an email that you provide. Consequently, tapping No takes invitees to their default email apps to email you that they can’t make it.

Augmania Invitation Template

Step 3: Activate your Invitation.

And it’s a wrap on these Invitations. Go spread them like crazy!

Most notably, what Invitation Templates offer you is the effective speeding of RSVP processes.

Too often, we see organizers frustrated about not knowing the number of attendees of their events. Chiefly, that would be because of invitees not responding to RSVPs as that could be time-consuming.

But with Augmania Invitation Templates, you’ve seen that response takes only a few seconds. That should be encouraging enough for your invitees to respond. And then, you would be able to plan your event appropriately while knowing how many attendees would show up. It’s a win-win for both organizers and attendees!

What are you waiting for? Log into the Augmania WebAR creator now and get your hands on the super handy Augmania templates!

Augmania Creator Integrates with Unity

augmania AR game

Greetings one and all! In case you’re wondering, we went MIA on the blog because we’ve been extra busy in the Augmania lab. As always, refining our creator remains our team’s priority. That way, you can maximize the use of WebAR experiences in your business and do so easily. With that said, expect announcements commemorating the arrival of some pretty cool features to the creator as of today.

And today’s announcement is nothing short of a game-changer (pun intended). Today, we’re proud to tell you that the Augmania creator has added Unity integration!

While games weren’t the simplest kind of content to utilize on the Augmania creator, Unity support rectifies that. Without a doubt, we believe in the power of gamified AR content (further elaboration to follow). Hence, integrating games into AR campaigns was always an option on the creator, albeit a tedious one. It involved some hassle as it was through HTML5 links.

Now, it’s as effortless as uploading a ZIP file of your game on the Augmania creator.

However, that’s not the only reason we choose Unity as the main platform for game development on the creator. Here’s why we think it matches perfectly with Augmania:

Unity Leads with Ambition

Come to think about it, Unity is a vintage ‘started from the bottom, now we’re here’ scenario. In 2004, its three founders started building the game engine in their room in Copenhagen. Fast forward to today, over half of all mobile games are built on Unity as Unity CEO puts it.

Overall, ambition has been a major theme in the story of Unity. It was ambition that helped its team transform web-based gaming with the introduction of the WebGL add-on in 2014. Ambition is why Unity allows development for over 25 gaming platforms and why it’s driving the XR scene.

Plain and simple, the constant innovations from the game engine excite us at Augmania. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Unity and how that will affect our creator too.

Unity is Easy to Use

Generally, multiple features make Unity fairly easy to use. For instance, you can drag and drop objects into their positions instead of writing code to do so. In addition, Unity includes a Play Mode. The mode allows you to instantly get into your game and try it first-hand to edit efficiently. Then, there is the awesome Asset Store. It contains all sorts of characters, objects, and places for you to create the games of your dreams.

So the aforementioned part was to show you how using Unity to create games would pay off for you. Yet, there is a chance you’re not sold yet on developing games for your AR campaigns. Well, if so, then we need to talk, friend. We did promise above to elaborate on how gamified experiences can level up your communication with customers. It’s time to do just that! Here we go:

Gamification for Better Connection with Younger Demographics

It’s not hard to imagine that gamification boosts engagement. Game elements such as progression, competition, and rewards keep everyone coming back. In a 2012 study, GIGYA confirmed that with these interesting stats:

Credit: GIGYA

However, there is a specific age group for which gamification resonates way better. And that’s customers between 16 and 24 years of age. To many marketers, that segment comes off as complex and perhaps rightfully so. But boy do they love gamified content!

To put it in numbers, a study revealed that 91% of said group is open to playing games with brands. And a whopping 84% would buy from said brands if their games were fun. 

Hence, a thoughtfully-designed Unity-built gamified campaign could be exactly what tells them that they’re dealing with the right brand.

Gamification for Unmatched Interactivity

The degree of interactivity gamification offers can be quite ridiculous. To celebrate a campaign for Durango featuring none other than Ron Burgundy, Dodge released a killer gamified contest. And that’s how the world got its Hands-on Ron Burgundy (yes that’s the actual name of the game). As you can imagine, the game challenged users to touch the Anchorman. Whoever did it for the longest cumulative time won a Dodge Durango! It sounds like the silliest idea ever. But, we’ll have you know that a total of 2.4 years were spent on this game.

What this campaign shows best is the raw power of gamification. It got massive engagement with no dazzling graphics or thrilling storylines. Now, imagine if you add these elements to your gamified campaign and build it on Unity. 

Now, for the final part of the blogpost: the how-to! It won’t take long, promise! Here’s how you can add Unity-powered games to Augmania-powered WebAR campaigns:

Step 1: Create your Unity game 

While that’s the hardest part, it actually isn’t that hard. You have two options here. You could either hire someone to develop the game for you. In that case, you’re in luck because there’s a whole lot of Unity developers living on Earth today. In fact, LinkedIn ranked Unity development as the 7th most emerging job in 2017. Your second option would be to DIY. In that case, you’re also in luck because there are tons of resources online to learn Unity. These include programs from Unity itself.

Step 2: Upload your Game onto the Augmania Creator

Not much to do here. Just upload the ZIP file of your game and you’ll be ready to go.

Step 3: Publish your Gamified WebAR Campaign and Wow your Customers

After uploading your Unity game, you could instantly publish! All your customers would need to enjoy your campaign are smart devices with any Android version or iOS 13.2.2 and higher.

And well, that’s it. We did a cool experience for you to try out so access this URL from your mobile browser and enjoy the fresh coffee:

PS: If you’re on iOS, make sure you’re using the latest version and that the WebGL is disabled.

Are you excited about the integration of Unity into the Augmania creator? Then, sign up right now and join in on the fun! Also, don’t forget to tune in later this week for more updates coming to the creator!

Introducing WebAR A.K.A the WordPress for AR

SaaS platform

Sorry, haters, but AR is here to stay. Not just stay, it’s here to thrive, lead, and change the universe. Although you may have succeeded before in dodging the AR movement, be assured that an AR raid is inevitable. In due time, all your competitors will be reaping their AR rewards and you’ll have to watch. So, please, just check your phobia of change out the door. Stick around till the end of this blog. In the end, you’ll learn that sometimes change is good. Yet with AR, change is awesome, especially when we get to WebAR!

Personally, if I was to sell somebody on AR, I’d use two main points. First, I’d elaborate on the mere concept behind AR. While it’s simple, it’s nothing short of rebellious. AR merges real with virtual by overlaying content over users’ field of vision. That is, it makes users’ realities more captivating without completely dissociating them from the real world. The second point is from the science of innovation. If you’re an innovation enthusiast, you know that innovative ideas are those that balance newness and familiarity.

With these two points in mind, it’s obvious that AR is a perfect platform for innovative ideas.

In addition, AR is an eminently versatile technology. Surely, you’ve seen some version of wearable AR in action before. While bulky, expensive, and visually unacceptable, headsets like HoloLens and Meta 2 are still impressive. It’s only a matter of time until they give rise to the AR lenses in Black Mirror’s Nosedive. For better or for worse.

Black Mirror GIF by NETFLIX - Find & Share on GIPHY

In the meantime, brands are generating lots of momentum with mobile AR. It’s way more accessible than wearable AR. We see AR apps accompany big product releases all the time now. Undoubtedly, that is for good reason. AR apps allow brands to engage audiences like never before. IKEA, for instance, has sure mastered the use of AR apps. But, what about people who won’t bother downloading an app to try AR experiences?

That’s where WebAR comes in!

Downloading time may not be an issue facing AR apps. Despite that, other major roadblocks stand in the way of AR apps. For one, you already have prospects on one of your platforms. Why direct them to another with an AR app instead of starting an experience immediately using WebAR? Today’s prospects are not that easy to keep a hold of. There are a plethora of brands other than yours vying for their attention. Hence, you should revere every moment customers are on your deck and not add extra steps to their experience.

Furthermore, another issue WebAR easily evades is storage. Hands down, one of the toughest chores for Earthians are clearing up space on their smartphones. Even if they have external storage devices, the moment of the transfer itself is always a dreaded one. It’s no wonder cloud services are gaining so much steam. Alas, asking your audience to download an app is asking for a hefty commitment. On the other hand, your audience would need only a browser to interact with your WebAR endeavors.

It’s how WebAR swiftly overcomes challenges facing its AR cousins that’s made proponents out of us at Augmania. From the very beginning, we’ve been advocating for more WebAR because of this belief Augmania‘s built upon. We believe that WebAR as a SaaS will be what WordPress has always been to websites.

That’s why at Augmania we pride ourselves on being the WordPress for AR initiatives.

Sure, WebAR has overcome many challenges, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own perks! At Augmania, we like to make WebAR campaigns as fun for creators as they’d be for customers. So we made our WebAR platform a DIY one. You get to create your AR campaigns yourself without getting your hands messy with the technical stuff. That’s right; you can create WebAR campaigns with no coding or design skills. Ultimately, you’ll enjoy the process which will result in highly creative output.

After that, you can publish your WebAR campaign and share it immediately on all your social media channels. Of course, no marketing campaign of any kind is complete without tracking. It’s a crucial step to ensure that your plan is as sound as it sounds if you will. Duly, WebAR campaigns are easily trackable with ROI and user experience metrics.

Okay, let’s list all the pros of WebAR so far. It’s accessible, it doesn’t take up storage, it’s mighty fun, and it offers solid analytics. Still, there’s one more edge to WebAR that makes it a must-bet on technology. That edge is WebAR’s novelty. Not too many brands have started using WebAR…….YET. Thus, this is your chance to take the ball and run with it. You’ll wow your customers and beat your competitor’s marketing strategies. And when WebAR becomes the norm, history will look at you as one of the first adopters.  

Honestly, if you’re still an AR hater at this point, I think I’ll just have to quit. I’ll just have to doubt my own competence as a blogger. That’s because I can never doubt WebAR as the tech of the future. So there you have it:

I Quit Dave Bautista GIF by WWE - Find & Share on GIPHY

Seriously though, there is no betting against WebAR! You know it and you need to act on it. Sign up now to Augmania’s WebAR Platform and become a part of the future!

How To Create an Augmented Reality Experience In few Minutes

Picture of an iMac

Imagine being able to create memorable Augmented Reality experiences in a matter of minutes… Great, right?

There’s more. Imagine that you won’t be needing any engineering skills to do that.

No way you must be thinking, well, Augmania says Yes way!

The Augmania AR platform allows you to easily build interactive Augmented Reality (AR) experiences in a few clicks with no coding skills required.

You simply sign in to our creator, and the magic AR journey begins!

Sign up now

Now, what makes The Augmania AR platform easy to use is that it is based on drag-and-drop technique.

After creating your campaign, by setting a name and a cover image, you start the fun part! 

Quick Tip: You can either start creating a campaign from a scratch or from the templates the Augmania AR platform will provide. We are preparing some cool templates for you supporting different scenarios and digital assets to help you get started easily. In this case, you will only need to make small changes and you are ready to go!  

You may want your audience to scan an image, a QR code or perhaps you want the campaign to be launched depending on their location.

Then simply upload your items in the Trigger section.

Quick Tip: Make sure your images are of a high-quality by checking our image quality checker.

If you are planning to take things to the next level and add more fun to your experience,  add a video URL, an audio file, 3D object, an animation or even a cool interactive game in the show interaction section, and add as many scenes as you wish! (it’s free, you know)

Quick Tip: To boost the campaign’s engagement, use the show interaction feature to ask your audience to take specific actions like tapping, swiping the content right/left to engage them with your experience.

Well, you are almost there!

Behind each campaign, marketers are seeking to initiate a certain action for the audience to take…

So what’s is it that you want your customers to do after seeing your AR experience?

Besides being easy to use, The Augmania AR platform is extra unique thanks to its WebAR technology.

Now what this means to you, is that you can easily share your campaign URL with your audience with no app downloads needed, independently from the device and the OS.

There’s more, you can even embed the campaign on your website!

It’s not enough to create and launch an AR experience, what you need is to know how well it’s doing, how much visitors did you get, and how often people saw it!

All this data and even more are provided through Augmania’s analytics, and you can even customize it.

Augmania AR Platform

Well, that didn’t seem a very hard thing to do! What are you waiting for then, go on, sign in and start creating your own experience and let us know how it goes.

If you have a question, simply ask us on our chatbot, we love hearing from you!

Interview with the CEO of Augmania, Rania Reda

augmania,ar, CEO, Founder


You have been curious about Augmania and the story behind it? well, here is an exclusive interview with our one and only CEO Rania Reda.


1/ Could you give us a brief about yourself?

“I am an engineer and I have been developing Softwares for more than 20 years.

I have worked on different types of technologies and applications but the best and the closest to my heart is Augmented Reality.”

2/ What inspired you to start Augmania?

“I am a very sociable and visionary person and I believe that a picture is worth 1000 words so I have been thinking about the best tool to clearly communicate one’s thoughts in a visual way.”

3/What does Augmania offer?

“Augmania is a new AR content creation and communication tool. It allows people to put their thoughts into a visual interactive AR content and send it directly through different communication channels to have the maximum people possible interact with it”

4/ What makes Augmania different than other AR platforms?

“We believe AR should be the next spoken language. So, we combine all known AR options in one effective tool to unleash the creativity of the AR creator”

5/Who are your target customers?

“Augmania will eventually be for everybody, but there is a huge need for this tool among brand managers, digital agencies, and marketers. These three sectors really need an all inclusive tool to create a highly interactive marketing campaign in no time and share it with as many people as they can”

6/Where do you see Augmania in two years?

“I see Augmania as the tool that everyone is using twice a day. I see it connecting people with the brands they love and bringing visual objects to life”

7/ What is Augmania’s secret?

“Our secret sauce is that our AR viewer very seamlessly integrates with all social media. It can be embedded into websites, published through mail campaigns and sent out via messages. It doesn’t require a specific app to be viewed”

8/ What are the main challenges that Augmania might face?

“With AR, the challenge is always the use case. How you make the best use of the technology. That is why we developed a repository of best practices and use cases that help inspire agencies with concepts and innovative ideas for the campaigns.”

9/What is your next milestone?

“Exhibiting at the Augmented World Expo AWE 2017 in Santa Clara on may 31st is a huge milestone for us because we’re launching our product”


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If you too think Augmania will revolutionize marketing and want to be part of our exclusive list of early adopters, then subscribe to our website:  and wait for our launch at the AWE 2017!