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2d to 3d converter

One can’t debate the importance of e-commerce shopping, especially during the past year when we all had to shift our daily activities to a remote mode because of the pandemic. It’s true that we were spending most of our time at home, but that didn’t change the fact that we still want to refurbish the living room, get that comfortable desktop for our remote-work setup and see what’s new on the market.

However, for such purchases, the in-store experience used to be the best option, which is nowadays becoming more of a risky adventure with lots of precautions.

This is why most e-commerce shops are adding AR capability to their customer’s experience by giving them back the advantage to preview a product’s placement, virtual try-on… etc, and shoppers couldn’t love it more! This is confirmed by a recent study from Business wire, which states that 61% of online shoppers prefer to make purchases on sites that offer AR technology. Moreover, 63% of customers say AR could transform their online shopping customers. Despite that, most of the shoppers feel that retailers are still failing to take full advantage of AR.

This failure can be explained by many reasons. The most prominent being the challenge faced by online retailers in providing adequate 3D models for each of the items sold on their site. This is crucial, as the 3D model needs to live up to the actual 2D image of the object and play its role in improving the shoppers’ experience and not disappoint them.

However, this is not easily achieved because of the scarcity of tools that convert 2D images to realistic 3D models, let alone provide them in a webAR environment. Well, that is up to now!

At Augmania, we’ve been working discretely for the past year on a new feature to democratize the use of webAR and promote a smooth shift to online shopping while offering the best user experience.

Our R&D team foresaw the need for online retailers to have an automated solution to convert 2D images of their products into 3D models, and thus started working along with top-notch researchers from the German University of Cairo to develop an online 2D to 3D webAR converter. The R&D activities are sponsored by the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) through Borg El Arab Innovation Cluster.

The converter will help anyone working in the e-commerce sector to level up their offering by adopting AR in 3 steps only, all in one place. The first step is for capturing 2D realistic images of the products, next uploading them to the Augmania 2D to 3D converter, and finally, integrating the generated 3D models in webAR e-commerce experience generated using Augmania Easy Creator. 

So in a matter of minutes, you’ll have your 3D models ready to be integrated into your online site. This will give the shoppers a real-time feeling of what the product will look like when placed in their environment, especially in the case of furniture. Essentially, using 3D models and AR will help your customers have more chances to pick the right product for their needs and minimize purchases’ returns.

The average mobile conversion without AR is about 3.5%. With AR, it increases to 11%. So, boosting sales is another goal checked here!
The 2D to 3D webAR Converter will be officially available Q4/2021 on our Augmania Easy-Creator platform, so make sure to sign-up for free and keep an eye on our upcoming updates!

Augmania auf SAP AppCenter


Augmania, die Plattform für Augmented Reality-Anwendungen, ist ab sofort im SAP App Center erhältlich .

Berlin, 9. November 2020

Augmania, die interaktive Plattform für web-basierte AR-Anwendungen, ist nun auch über das SAP App Center, dem digitalen B2B-Marktplatz von SAP, erhältlich. Die App ist nahtlos mit den Anwendungen SAP Marketing Cloud und SAP Commerce Cloud integriert. Für das junge Unternehmen aus dem Silicon Valley, das bereits eine deutsche GmbH in Berlin gegründet hat, stellt dies einen weiteren Meilenstein in der nochjungen Unternehmensgeschichte dar.

„Wir freuen uns sehr über die Aufnahme in das SAP App Center. So kann ein großer Kundenkreis unsere Lösungen schnell und einfach nutzen. Damit sind die Weichen für unser weiteres Wachstum und unseren Anspruch, AR zu demokratisieren, gestellt!”, so Rania Reda, Gründerin und CEO von Augmania.

Mit der einzigartigen Augmania-Plattform lassen sich AR Experiences kinderleicht und ohne Programmierkenntnisse erstellen. Augmania hat den Anspruch, Barrieren bei der Nutzung von AR-Technologie radikal abzubauen und AR zu demokratisieren. Mit dieser Plattform wird Kundenermöglicht, ein interaktives Storytelling aufzubauen und auf diese Weise Engagement- und Conversion-Raten signifikant und nachhaltig zu steigern. Die Lösung von Augmania agiert dabei plattformunabhängig und ist offen für sämtliche Tracking-Einsatzmöglichkeiten. Die AR Experiences lassen sich nahtlos in sämtliche sozialen Medien integrieren, in Websites einbetten und über Newsletter/Nachrichten publizieren. Für die Betrachtung ist keine bestimmte App erforderlich.

Mit den folgenden Modulen können Sie AR-Kampagnen einfach erstellenund steuern:

  • Bilderkennung: Mit Bildern aller Art oder z. B. Logos, Produktverpackungen, Plakatwänden etc. lassen sich überzeugende AR Experiences erstellen, die mehr sind als einzelne AR-Szenen.
  • Location-based Marketing: Relevante Zielgruppen können überall erreicht werden. Standortbezogene AR Experiences helfen dabei, Kunden beispielsweise über Angebote und Verfügbarkeiten vor Ort zu informieren, sodass Kunden Schatzsuchen durchführen oder mit animierten digitalen Plakatwänden interagieren können
  • QR-Codes: Mit erstellten QR-Codes können potenzielle Kunden zu den Angeboten des jeweiligen Werbetreibenden geleitet werden
  • 3D-Animationen: Produkte werden als 3D-Modell im realen Raum präsentiert. So lassen sich nicht nur Konversionsraten einfach undnachhaltig steigern, sondern auch Retouren-Quoten dauerhaft senken.
  • Reporting: Mit dem Analytics-Dashboard von Augmania wird der Erfolg der entsprechenden Maßnahmen mithilfe einer Vielzahl vonParametern gemessen.

Kunden wie z. B. Daimler Benz, Coca-Cola oder Roche nutzen Augmania bereits. Sie konnten dank der erstellten interaktiven AR-Anwendungen u. a. durchschnittlich Steigerungsraten von 60% im Bereich Engagement erzielen.

Über Augmania

Das im Silicon Valley ansässige Startup Augmania, im Zuge der Expansion jetzt auch als deutsche GmbH mit Sitz in Berlin, hat eine Plattform für Unternehmen geschaffen, um ohne Programmierungen webbasierte AR-Erlebnisse zu kreieren. Im Bereich der AR ist es gelungen, die Engagement-Raten durch interaktive Experiences, AR-Animationen und Gamifications signifikant zu steigern. Die Augmania-Plattform ist nahtlos mit den Lösungen SAP Marketing Cloud und SAP Commerce Cloud integriert.

Remote-Work: Endgame Tips To Become a Pro!


Let’s be honest for a second; I bet we all wished we could skip an office workday to spend it at home instead. Wouldn’t it even be better if we still could get the work done without leaving our cozy couches?

Well, I surely prayed for that. Mostly during the traffic jam, early cold mornings, extremely dry or rainy times, and on any other given day. Then on one sunny day, the stars have answered my wish. By the stars, of course, I am referring to the Augmania team.

As a multinational startup, with team members from Boston, San Francisco, Berlin, Tunisia, and Egypt, the Augmania work environment has been favoring remote-work since the early days. That is by putting the trust in its employees and collaborators to find their most suitable workspace and grow professionally and personally.

So, dear reader, you can imagine the dramatic changes Covid19 had brought upon our work culture;

You see, we weren’t able to get coffee from outside and it was horrible! It almost affected our productivity, but eventually, we managed to get by thanks to this fun AR experience developed by the team:

The rest of the consequences were familiar, as most of us already work from home regularly. Even if we didn’t meet as often as we wished, we still have a special team bond.

However, many companies nowadays are struggling to build and maintain that bond in the era of Covid-19 and the current work circumstances, and that is understandable. Flipping the switch is not always easy, but, it is a must now especially when 98% of remote employees would like to continue working remotely for the rest of their careers according to Buffer.

That’s why the team decided to share a couple of tips to help you become remote work heroes!

“Make friends with your kids – Even better, help them get along with your colleagues” Nouran – Tech Lead

Having kids can be regarded as a threat to parents trying to get work done from home. You never know when they’ll barge into the room during a conference call; Scream their lungs out, or simply want to play.

Well, it all happened with me, and you better start accepting the fact that it will happen to you too.

At first, when Jamila’s voice started interpreting my meetings, I was embarrassed and constantly apologizing. There was nothing I could do to keep her quiet even when I was in a different room. So, I decided to go with it. Her voice became familiar to company meetings. They even greet her now and ask about her, and that saved me lots of embarrassment. This is only human, and it’s always a delight to realize you’re talking to someone as normal as you are.

Augmania team
Our friend Jamila

“Remove distraction, keep the dog ” Rania – CEO

Sitting at home for a long period was honestly a first time experience for me. I think I’ve spent more time in the airports than at my own place before Covid-19. It was a bit of a challenge; Not that I am not used to remote work, but staying still amidst all the distractions was the real test. So, I simulated the office experience in-house! I created a comfortable work environment away from all diversion; TV, door, people, but not the dog.

You keep the dog. Not only it will shower you with love but it will also act as a stress reliever when needed.

Breaks are certainly necessary and helpful to release tension and recharge. Personally, I find great pleasure in having safe beach walks with Joujou.

Joujou, the company dog, having the time of her life

Be part of a community and don’t be ashamed of talking to pigeons! Rihab – Marketing Lead

According to a survey held by Buffer, loneliness and communication are the biggest challenges for remote workers. The more time they spend on remote work, the fewer their chances for outer world interactions. That’s why I find it important to get involved in communities that share the same interests and work-lifestyle as me. It’s a safe place to communicate your worries, exchange tips, and thrive to improve your daily routine. Nevertheless, it still can get so lonely that you start waiting for that pigeon to show up again and strike a conversation. That’s totally normal – at least, according to my standards…

When your remote-work buddies finally show up at the doorstep!

There’s no shame in making friends with birds passing by, and neighbors at the window to challenge our loneliness. As long as you don’t name your football Wilson and talk to it, you’re a perfectly normal human being.

Lots of big corporations are now leveraging the “the new normal standards” of work by giving more flexibility. Twitter announced recently the option to work remotely permanently for its employees. Others are working on improving the new experience for workers. That’s where the new initiative from SAP, Qualtrics and Thrive Global comes in: “Working From Home in the New Normal”; A data-driven platform including all resources you need to truly become the remote-work hero we want you to be.

What We Learned From Obama at Bits&Pretzels 19

obama at bits19

“Diversity is an engine of excellence, not an act of charity.”

That’s what former president Barack Obama said during his keynote on the opening ceremony of Bits&Pretezels in Munich last week, and it was all true.

Bits&Pretzels, barack obama keynote
Former President Barak Obama Keynote at Bits&Pretzels19

Yes, you’ve probably guessed it now. We spent our weekend in Munich, at the Founders Festival, Bit&Pretzels until Monday, October 1st. Yes, we did celebrate Oktoberfest, and I don’t remember much to tell. We also had a booth to demonstrate our awesome work along with our dear SAP.iO partner and it was all amazing.

But first, let’s take you back to the opening day of Bits&Pretzels, where it all started at the ICM Munich.

It was 8:00am and the place was already packed. We actually thought we were late. Eventually, it turned out everyone was simply so excited and hyped and they should. I mean, any person checking out the speakers line-up must be either thrilled, … or maybe depressed, for not being able to attend the event! (Sorry…)

Nevertheless, the event kick off was entertaining, fun and inspiring with a clear focus on important themes like Impact and diversity.

Bits&Pretzels founders
Bits&Prestzels Founders On The Stage

We also enjoyed the musical breaks, the genuine sense of humor of Bits&Pretzels founders, and we appreciated them sharing their tactic for reaching President Barack Obama’ team and sending him a personalized video invitation. OMG, that part was super fun. The knowledge shared by great leaders like LinkedIn Co-founder, Reid Hoffman and others was simply worth the long-distance flight from San Francisco.

Reid Hoffman
Reid Hoffman Keynote at Bits&Pretzels

It’s really the diversity in the speakers themselves and their backgrounds that made the opening and the whole conference captivating. At some point, all of the 8,000 attendees were doing the count down for the next speaker to take the stage. Especially for President Obama …

Eventually, he showed up, he looked a bit tired or maybe jet-lagged, but his smile, optimism, lovely spirit and inspiring words made a really remarkable keynote.

Barack Obama at bits19
Obama Opening Keynote at Bits&Pretzels

He talked about all sort of things. On the subject of stimulating entrepreneurship, Obama stated that “Entrepreneurial culture starts with society investing in children.”When asked about AI and disrupt technology, he explained that the fear of it is rather overrated and we should instead focus on embracing and adopting those advances to improve our lifestyle. Finally, he emphasized on the importance of family, and yes, on how much he adores his beloved Michelle and daughters. Obama mentioned his staff multiple times and everytime he confirmed how a great leader he is.

Barack Obama
Obama Opening Keynote at Bits&Pretzels

The next day at Bits&Prestzels, we were rocking our awesome booth with live demos of our recent AR templates and interactive experiences.

We’re still excited and humbled by our visitors’ enthusiasm about webAR and all the demos we showcased and the nice encouraging words they said about our technology’s ease of use. We loved their genuine excitement for signing-up immediately to our platform, publishing their first experience and providing kind feedback. 

Augmania booth
Augmania Booth at Bits&Pretzels

Rania had to leave the Augmania booth to attend to her talk at the Impact stage on a panel of 4 inspiring, very successful and determined female founders sharing their experiences and advice with the audience.

The closure day was stunning with the actress and entrepreneur, Jessica Alba who shared her personal challenges and journey while founding The Honest Company.

She highlighted the importance of promoting work environment diversity and empowering more women to take leading positions within an organization. In her last piece of advice to the keen audience, she recommended the following points:

1. Focus on details as they always matter.
2. Buckle up with optimism and drive.
3. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.

Jessica Alba keynote
Jessica Alba Keynote at Bits&Pretzels

The Bits&Pretzels huge team and founders thoughtfully organized the conference to help attendees make the most out of their experience. The place was huge and well-equipped with everything attendees might need to spend a comfortable time. Let’s not forget the delicious food and yummy pretzels!! Also, the Bits&Pretzels app was super helpful, allowing attendees to customize their experiences. All these aspects created an immensely inviting environment. Advertently, this environment gave way to a plethora of networking, especially during the 3rd and final day. After all, it was Oktoberfest Liquid Networking Tables!

Liquid Networking
Oktoberfest Liquid Networking at Bits&Pretzels

So yeah, we did have a lot of fun. This is mainly while discussing our passion for AR and Augmania, listening to great Bavarian music and making toasts for all the great people we’ve met during the day! And we have the Bits&Pretzels team to thank for that.

At last, as our Founder & CEO mentioned during her Bits&Pretzels talk “AR technology is what fills my mind. Impact is what fills my heart” and wherever those two collide, know that Augmania will be in the picture.

Cheers to you and see you next year!

Top 5 AR experiences of 2018

Build Awesome Experience with Augmania - The first AR platform for marketers,augmented reality

2018 was a year full of interactive AR experiences.

Brands and leading firms have realized the importance of investing in AR and they’ve been doing it intensively lately to stay ahead of the game and secure their customers’ satisfaction.

Here are our selected top 5 AR experiences of 2018

1. Weather Channel – Hurricane Florence AR Experience

What’s the best way to warn residents of an upcoming hurricane and raise awareness about such a dangerous phenomenon in a way people will find entertaining?

Apparently, the Weather Channel has already found answers. So far, it is looking very interesting. This happened last September when the destructive Hurricane Florence made landfall on North Carlonia.

In order to inform people about it, the Weather Channel has created some terrifying yet amazing interactive graphic illustrations of the storms and the water surges that are expected to immerse the city using augmented reality. Besides the powerful AR visuals, the weather reporter appeared to be in the middle of the storm while things were falling and water levels rising around him. This made the whole experience seem too realistic.  The video of the AR experience went viral and it marked the success of the Weather Channel at getting people interested and warned about the real dangers of the Hurricane.

      Credit: The Weather Channel / YouTube

2. Coca-Cola – Scandinavia AR campaign

Augmented reality is not news to a huge brand like Coca-Cola. It has been killing it with AR campaigns already since its Arctic Home Campaign back in 2013 to its recent 2018 World Cup AR experience.  In fact, in 2018 it invested heavily in creating more interactive AR experiences all over the world.

Augmania was part of Coca-Cola’s journey into creating immersive experiences as it was deployed to build a Fanta Flip challenge campaign. The experience succeeded massively at boosting consumers’ engagement.  

Coca-Cola’s recent AR campaign at the Mall of Scandinavia was by far its major 2018 hit. It brought life to the coca-cola cans and bottles that were all over the place in an attempt to persuade people to interact with it by collecting it and disposing of it. The campaign was very engaging and people had a lot of fun tossing the cans in creative gestures into the garbage collector. After all, the campaign ‘s goal aimed at highlighting the importance of recycling and keeping the environment clean. Amazingly, people were more than willing to join the cause and be part of the disruptive experience.

    Credit: Coca-Cola / Youtube

3. New York Times – AR Halloween Edition

New York Times took the Halloween celebrations to a whole new level this year. A more frightening one. It included some scary surprises for its readers when browsing the pages of the magazine. This was ensured by a new feature it added, ‘Monsters That Live on You’ which displays augmented visualizations of the most terrifying parasites that we usually avoid seeing at any cost.

So by scanning the QR code, readers will be face to face with their worst nightmare; A huge spider crawling in the screen, a giant cockroach laying in their house floor, bed bugs in their pillows and much more.

Image by Palladino / Next Reality

To make the experience more exciting, the New York Times included a fun fact related to each parasite to add a little humor to the petrified scene.

4. Nicorette – Augmented Reality Storytelling Campaign

Nicorette is your one-way ticket to quitting smoking. It is a Swedish brand that is providing a nicotine replacement therapy through a wide range of products. It strives for helping people overcome their cigarette cravings.    

Recently, it showcased the great cause that it is advocating for through an awesome AR campaign. It took place at the Kings Cross station in London. Basically, it told the story of David, a smoking addict that succeed at quitting and acquiring instead a better habit; slacklining.  The storytelling style using AR was so intense to make people feel what’s like to be in David’s shoes. They got to see the life he lived and mainly the challenges he overcame during his battle with the smoking habit.

Through this campaign, Nicorette was trying to influence people to replace their smoking habits with more interesting ones. Let’s face it, what a better way to do it than through an immersive AR experience?

Credit: Nicorette/Youtube

5. National Geographic – Augmented Magazine Cover 

Just like Coca-Cola, National Geographic has been doing AR campaigns for a while now. The good thing is that it is getting better each time.

Just this month, it launched an interactive augmented version of its paper edition. With the 3d visuals and impressive animations, people would be able to see athletes swimming in the cover page and more objects coming to life by simply scanning the images.

It is looking cool and people are liking it. Interactive AR magazines might just be the next trend to engage more readers!

Building a better athlete

What was your favorite AR experience of the year? Leave us a comment below or better, make your own experience using the Augmania AR platform.