Introducing Augmania Templates

Previously on the Augmania blog, we announced integration with Unity. And we explained what that means for users who wish to have gamified WebAR experiences. Today, the Augmania creator updates continue. Building on our aim to make the creator super easy to use, allow us to introduce Augmania Templates!

Indeed, for users who had never been exposed to AR before, it may be overwhelming to use the creator with all its customization options. Actually, it might be even more so to come up with ideas to implement using the creator. We totally understand if you want to invest in WebAR without fully grasping how you can utilize it efficiently. However, we’re here to change that together!

Augmania Templates are our latest step toward reaching that. After a fair share of research, we found two use cases that hold value in all kinds of business. Then, we turned them into templates on the creator. These two templates are *drumroll please* Biz Cards and Invitations!

Let’s start with Business Cards, which is what we call our uber fancy business cards, shall we?

This how the templates of Business Cards look like:

Here’s how Business Cards templates work:

Step 1: Upload your Business Card design.

Of course, you’re free to go as creative as you wish here, by either uploading a design or a video. In the case of the Business Card design, you must include a QR code which recipients will scan to unlock AR content. The Augmania creator immediately provides you with said QR code. You can then download it and add it to your Business Card design. Finally, upload your design with the QR code on it.

Augmania Business Card Template

Step 2: Fill out links of your social channels.

You’ll be asked to fill in your website, email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, phone number, and work address. This is the info that will be displayed in AR icons when recipients scan your Business Card. Tapping any of these icons takes scanners of your cards directly to your accounts on each respective social channel. Alternatively, you could choose to upload an introductory video to be triggered by scanning the Business Card.

Augmania Business Card Template

Step 3: Activate the Business Card.

Now, you’re ready to go and your Business Card will be equipped with awesome AR content.

As you can tell, it’s a fairly easy process to use Business Card templates. However, it can make a massive difference.

So in a nutshell, there’s a number of advantages to Business Cards built using Augmania templates. For one, they provide card owners with an edge to stand out at large events. Plus, recipients have new ways to access your Business Cards such as through browser histories.

Alright, so we’re done with the magical perks of Business Cards. It’s high time we start talking about the second kind of Augmania templates, Invitation templates!

Does your company hold events frequently? Or are you a wedding planner who wants to put a special twist on conventional wedding invitations? Or are you perhaps someone who happens to enjoy partying more than most? Then, Augmania’s WebAR Invitation Templates are exactly what you need.

This is what Invitation templates look like:

Here’s how Invitation templates work:

Step 1: Upload the Invitation design.

Simply, push the design you created for your event’s invitation to the creator. Again, there are no limits to how wild you want to go with your designs. Instead, you could also use video invitations.  Whichever option you go with, your invitees will get to see your invitations in AR.

Augmania Invitation Template

Step 2: Set your Yes and No button prompts.

Along with your invitations, there will be two AR buttons. One’s a Yes button and the other is a No button. As you set up your invitation to the creator, you will choose the prompts for your invitees’ responses. For the Yes button, you enter a link for the application form of your event. Should an invitee tap Yes, he/she will be instantly taken to said link to fill in the application. As for the No button, its prompt involves an email that you provide. Consequently, tapping No takes invitees to their default email apps to email you that they can’t make it.

Augmania Invitation Template

Step 3: Activate your Invitation.

And it’s a wrap on these Invitations. Go spread them like crazy!

Most notably, what Invitation Templates offer you is the effective speeding of RSVP processes.

Too often, we see organizers frustrated about not knowing the number of attendees of their events. Chiefly, that would be because of invitees not responding to RSVPs as that could be time-consuming.

But with Augmania Invitation Templates, you’ve seen that response takes only a few seconds. That should be encouraging enough for your invitees to respond. And then, you would be able to plan your event appropriately while knowing how many attendees would show up. It’s a win-win for both organizers and attendees!

What are you waiting for? Log into the Augmania WebAR creator now and get your hands on the super handy Augmania templates!