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Augmania is a tech startup founded with the vision of changing the traditional way of interacting with customers. It is aiming at boosting engagement and converting customers’attention to a purchasing behavior.

Augmania first launched its product officially during the world’s largest AR/VR event, The Augmented World Expo in June 2017, Santa Clara, California. It was a great opportunity to get beta-testers and customers whose feedback helped us improve our AR product and develop a deeper understanding of their needs and challenges. 

Concerning the product itself, Augmania is disrupting the digital marketing industry by proving a creative solution that will act as CMOs next favorite tool. It is an AR platform for creating interactive experiences. It provides an easy solution to engage customers through creative marketing campaigns. All you need to build a successful experience is great digital assets to upload to the scene ( 3d objects, videos, audios files, animations, 360° images and much more) and a strong CTA. That’s it. No engineering and no AR knowledge needed. Once the campaign is ready, you can publish it immediately through a URL link that will make it easier for your audience to interact with it without the need to download an app. Through Augmania AR platform you will also be able to track the performance of your campaign and get powerful analytics and insights into your audience’s behavior. 

We aspire to see a world where Augmented reality will be integrated into our everyday life to make it more exciting, engage us with innovative experiences and help us achieve more through simple steps. We are continuously improving Augmania’s AR platform to contribute to this vision and make it happen.

Augmania AR platform runs on a monthly subscription membership. You can find the different plans we offer inside the creator or you can contact our team to send you more info. 

WebAR is an innovative technology that is pioneered by Augmania. It refers to viewing Augmented Reality directly on the web without an intermediary application through a simple URL link. 

In order to create an account on the Augmania AR platform, you need to have a business or a student email. Once you add your credentials, you’ll receive a confirmation email, follow the link and you’ll be able to access your new account. 

The experience URL is the link that directs your audience to your AR experience. Instead of having to download an app to view your experience, you can simply access the link and view it!

It is important to choose a URL when creating the experience to be able to share it later with your audience. Usually, the experience’s name is used in the URL. You only add the slug after

PS: If you don’t want your AR experience to be under the Augmania domain, you can customize it by opting for our white label services, where you will have the experience URL under your own domain.

Once you finish creating the AR experience, you can publish it either by sharing the URL link across your different channels so your consumers can access the experience by typing it into their mobile browsers or you can simply share the QR code generated for your experience with customers. All they have to do next is to scan it with their phone camera and they will be automatically directed to your experience URL without having to type it themselves.


Yes, it is possible to have the experience under your own domain through our white label services which will replace the Augmania slug in the experience URL and logo in the viewer by yours. Simply contact our team to walk you through the simple process of implementing it.

Templates are a great way to start creating awesome campaigns and exploring the creator. You will simply need to click on the templates button, choose one from the two templates currently available: Business card or Invitation template.


Click on the copy button on the bottom right, edit the template name and URL and go to “Create An Experience”

Once in the creator, you can make any changes to the already existing digital assets by uploading your own.

For BizCard template,  simply upload your own card design ( or video link) then add your social information ( email, website, FB, LinkedIn, Twitter etc). Once done, click on activate experience and enjoy your augmented cool BizCard!

For the Invitation template, you only need to upload your invitation cover image or video, customize button colors and you’re good to go! 

This kind of template is usually used when sending invites for events, parties or personal occasions for which you want to add some interactivity, engage your attendees and get their response through an AR experience.

Usually, you do need to download an AR app in order to access the technology, however, Augmania is the first AR company that offers its user the opportunity to build and view AR campaigns directly through the web. No app needed.

Yes. Augmania does support anchor objects, however, it is a premium feature available only for paid subscriptions.

You create an account on The Augmania AR platform, start an experience, name it and follow the guide to upload your visual assets then add the AR effects. Once you finish editing, you publish the link on social media.

The Augmania AR platform allows you to easily build interactive Augmented Reality (AR) experiences in a few clicks with no coding skills required.

Adding the experience info, by setting a name, and a URL then you start the fun part!

We have included an inside tour into the creator to get the help you get started with the platform! Simply click on Start Tour and follow the steps 🙂

Now that you have developed an understanding of how things work, you can start creating your experience!

You may want your audience to scan an image, a QR code or perhaps you want the experience to be launched depending on their location. Then simply upload your items in the Trigger section.

You can also choose the trigger to be nothing if you want your customers to access the campaign directly without having to scan anything.

Quick Tip: Make sure your images are of a high-quality by checking our image quality checker.

Next, we move to the ‘Show Media’ section to take things to the next level, by adding a video URL, an audio file, 3D animation, text or even a cool interactive game, and add as many scenes as you wish! (it’s free, you know)

Quick Tip: We’ve recently integrated Sketchfab and Flicker within our free assets so you can use it easily for free. Simply choose any asset you want from animations, images or videos and click on ‘Use’.

Well, you are almost there!

Behind each experience, marketers are seeking to initiate a certain action for the audience to take… So what’s is it that you want your customers to do after seeing your AR experience?

Besides being easy to use, The Augmania AR platform is extra unique thanks to its WebAR technology. Now what this means to you, is that you can easily share your campaign URL with your audience with no app downloads needed, independently from the device and the OS. There’s more, you can even embed the campaign on your website!

Besides being easy to use, The Augmania AR platform is extra unique thanks to its WebAR technology. Now what this means to you, is that you can easily share your campaign URL with your audience with no app downloads needed, independently from the device and the OS. There’s more, you can even embed the campaign on your website!

After fulfilling the first step of your experience creation by assigning a trigger (check article),you will need to upload your digital assets according to your preferences which we covered through the different features the platform is offering.

The next step after setting a trigger, is uploading assets to show media. Using the show media allows you to add videos, audio files, 3d animations, 360 images, and text all along with the possibility of embedding HTML5 code to build interactive games. Basically, the show media section is the core of your AR experience where all the beauty and AR magic lies :))

You can upload the digital assets into the experience panel directly while creating the experience itself or add it to the platform using the “Upload assets” button before even starting to creating anything. In this case, once in the panel, you will find the assets previously uploaded under “My recent assets”

Those digital assets could be static images, or if you want it to be 360, simply check the “Image 360” box..

Same goes for videos, you can also check the ” Video 360″ box and have more video suggestions in our free libraries…

Next, by clicking on the 3D icon, you will be able to add any 3d model or animation you wish easily without worrying about the file extension as it will be automatically converted to the most user friendly format, glTF 2, which will prevent the occurring of any issues related to the scale, texture or material of the object. You can also choose assets ones from our free library by simply clicking, on “Use”.

There are two possible ways of uploading assets.

Augmania creator supports a wide range of digital assets. You can upload images ( 360 images are supported), 3d objects and animations, videos (360 videos are supported), audio files, QR codes, or add a location. You can also add HTML5 code to build an interactive game.

One way of uploading the digital assets is by doing it directly on the experience panel by clicking on “Upload my assets from computer”. For each step ( Assign Trigger, Show media, CTA), you can add your desired content from your computer into the creator.

If you face some challenges finding a specific asset, especially for 3d content, you can always use the free assets available on our creator (Our platform supports assets from Flicker and Sketchfab)

Another way you can use to add your assets is by doing it outside of the experience panel through the “Assets” button. You click on it and then start uploading the different types of content you wish to add. You can group it in a specific folder and sort it by type.

From there, your assets will be automatically added to any experience you create under “recent assets” where you can directly use it.

A trigger is an event that will initiate the AR experience for your audience. This event is usually an image, a QR code or a location that needs to be detected or scanned so the experience starts and the different scenes and assets are put on display.

So, how do you want your audience to get started with your AR experience? Finding the answer to this question will help you figure out which trigger you would assign on the creator. Perhaps you want them to scan an image and so your trigger will be an image that you upload to the experience. Else, you can add a QR code that will generate the experience once scanned.

Another option you can go for is adding a location that customers need to be present to start the AR experience. In this case, you need to search for your desired location on the creator and specify the tolerance range around which customers’location will be detected to begin showing the media.

You can also set the trigger to be nothing allowing your audience to start interacting with your content without scanning anything!

Once you are done, you can move to the next steps to create your AR experience.

For regular videos, 360 degree and alpha videos, we support the following formats: the following: “.mp4”, “.webm”, “.mov”, “.avi”, “.ogv”, “.wmv”, “.3gp”, “.3g2″. 

In case you didn’t find the models you wish to use in our free library, or have something specific in mind, please reach us out at and our team will provide the needed support.

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