Add a digital layer to your printed content with Augmented Reality !

No code. No 3D design knowledge required. Augmania makes immersive experiences simple, fast, and measurable!


Just a Few Clicks!

From videos, 3d models, 360 videos to games and animation. Augmania supports all kinds of digital media you need. On our platform,  you build the AR experience once and run it immediately on all kinds of devices and operating systems. No coding, no waiting and no apps.

Augmented menus, a word from the chef, recipes, nutrition facts and special discounts!

    Cards, Books, Magazines, Brochures, User Manuals ... return higher value for dollars!

      Maximize the Marketing Dollars Value!

      Extend the life of your printed materials. With Interactive magazines, textbooks …etc. you don’t have to publish time-sensitive information that goes out-of-date quickly. Instead, link your readers to an online location to view any changing details.

      Create an Omnichannel Solution!

      Broadcast your message virtually to your clients with Augmented Reality. Start it offline and finish it online, or vice-versa. Thanks to Augmania’s Omnichannel solution, there’s no need to Apps, glasses nor HMDs. Anyone with a smartphone can instantaneously join the AR experience.

      Billboards, Signage, Displays, Storefronts, Retail Elements ... can speak the AR language!

        Labels, Tags, Logos, ScreenPrints, Landmarks, Graffiti, QRs ... can all be used!

          Bridge the Print and Digital World!

          AR tells engaging stories that jump off the page. Add extra value with interactive content that continue to live outside the printed world. Put together a visual How-To guide to your product/package or an engaging sales pitch for your business card and track Augmania Insights.

          Eliminate the Friction!

          Augmania is the industry-first patent-pending solution built to help content creators to curate web-based AR experiences without the need to download apps in order to suppress friction. 3 clicks take you to a published campaign, and one more click from your customer brings them to an engaging experience.

          Team Building, Training, Onboarding New Hires and How-Tos ... as per your process!

            The same T-shirts, Banners, Roll ups, Giveaways, Swag ... tell a new story about you everyday!

              Stand out in the Crowd!

              Not only paper can be augmented. Help your customers WEAR THEIR STORY at a conference, a trade show or at the stadium. Everything can be augmented. Every augmented product can periodically tell a different story  with a new content pushed easily on Augmania.

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              It’s time for some radical new marketing experiences

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