Is AR The Next Big Thing For Entertainment and Movies?

Despite all that’s plaguing our Earth, one thing we ought to appreciate is the entertainment scene. Filmmakers and producers became more motivated to excel. In part, this has led to the immense diversification of content. To reach that level, the movie industry has had to take big tech leaps over the years. Between adding audible dialogue, the stunning CGI of today, and even disruptive technology like Augmented Reality, the entertainment industry isn’t just tech-savvy. It’s tech-bold!

Aiming for diverse works, it makes sense that the producers adopted the highly versatile AR for movies. So here are the different ways AR is involved in the entertainment industry:

1- AR in promoting upcoming and new releases

Here, we shed light on the entertainment industry’s biggest franchises to use AR in promoting their movies and series.

– Game of Thrones

Oh, winter is here, folks. And it hasn’t been overly kind to our favorite Game of Thrones characters. But before the final season started, HBO utilized AR at SXSW for promotion. HBO hung large banners at different locations. As attendees scanned these with their smartphones, blood splattered everywhere. It could be a simple idea, but it certainly got the “Bleed For The Throne” across.

– Our Planet

Interestingly, the use of AR here is more than just for hype. Contrarily, it’s for a cause. Netflix, World Wide Fund for Nature, ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands and Google all collaborated here. Titled REWILD Our Planet, this AR initiative lets experiencers explore different biomes. Plus, they get to see how humanity has contributed to their demise. All the video footage is from Netflix’s new Our Planet docuseries which is narrated by legendary Sir David Attenborough.

– Jurassic World

Who doesn’t want to have a pet raptor? Certainly not Jurassic World fans! Fans who bought disc versions ofJurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, received an AR version of the series’ beloved Blue. Now, that’s a bargain!

– Marvel

Seriously, I can’t say enough about Marvel’s dedication to fans’ enjoyment of their productions. Look no further than their recent “Don’t Spoil The Endgame” campaign. What other entertainment industry brand urges its audience not to spoil its movies for others? Marvel always goes extra miles which always leads to generous support from fans.

Anyway, Endgame is your latest blockbuster to get hyped in AR. If you’re a Pixel owner, get ready to meet your heroes. Marvel teamed up with Google to put some AR magic in its movie by bringing 10 Avengers to user’s living rooms in the form of AR Playmojis.

2- AR at the center of entertainment

At last, we get to the ultra-fun part. Here, AR is itself a part of the storytelling. So right now we’ll revisit the greatest movies to feature AR in their stories.

– They Live

Alright, remember when I said that the relationship between AR and the entertainment industry goes way back? What proves this is all the works which had AR embedded in plots before the world even knew AR. Hence, it’s almost like AR is a tech brought out of fantasies due to popular demand.

Nonetheless, one underrated example of such works is the movie They Live. Like its lead, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper finds sunglasses which allow him to see the world for what it is. Not long after, he uses this anti-Google-Glass to discover that governments are ruled by aliens. Thus, he sets out on eradicating these creatures and freeing the planet.

– The Terminator Franchise

Just as iconic is how Arnold scans people with his eyes to get info. Essentially, he had robotic AR eyes. The world went crazy about it at the time and looked at it as a superpower. I guess that means we all use superpowers as we use AR daily.

– Black Mirror

Unsurprisingly, the notorious Black Mirror has featured AR in its episodes before. In episode Nosedive, the protagonist lives in a world where everyone wears AR contact lenses. Citizens get to wear these to give each other ratings with every interaction each has. The result is a horrifying, provoking, vintage Black Mirror episode.

– The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Meetings are unavoidable, right? Unfortunately, even the Avengers would agree. Even when they’re scattered around different continents, they must meet regularly. However, they do that via AR. Each Avenger stays at his/her comfort and holograms of fellow Avengers come to visit.

Most probably, such epic tech is the product of one Mr. Tony Stark. The Ironman himself is a big AR fan. Think of him and immediately a scene of him playing with some AR interface will pop into your head. Here’s some nostalgia:

– WrestleMania

So far, we’ve featured mostly movies and series. Yet, we simply can’t sleep on WWE. Without a doubt, WWE is a major force of the entertainment industry. Combining impeccable athleticism with fantastic storylines, WWE has fans of all ages and economic statuses. Its massive reach has put the sports entertainment titan at over $6B.

To maintain this supremacy, WWE always experiments with new tech, including AR. At this year’s WrestleMania, the company had gigantic AR visuals as part of many performers’ entrances. These visuals helped tell the stories of the characters and also represent a smart way to engage younger audiences.

Credit: WWE

Who said that low-budget movies have to be lacking on the tech side? If you’re a young filmmaker looking to make your project stand out, AR is your golden ticket. Sign up now to Augmania’s Web AR platform and leave your mark on the entertainment industry!