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"Augmented reality is going to change everything "- Tim Cook

Augmented reality is indeed changing everything. From the way, brands interact with their customers and tell stories up to how the marketing and retail experiences are conducted.

At Augmania, we believe in the power of AR in delivering interactive experiences and engaging customers. That’s why we made it our mission to provide our users with easy and more fun solutions for building AR campaigns, increasing customers’ interactions and providing world-class experiences.

Through Augmania, we defy the ordinary ways of doing marketing. We are challenging the norms by providing a unique AR platform where you can upload all your digital assets, create immersive experiences and publish it in one click. Above all,  sharing just one URL link makes it easier for your audience to view the experience across all channels instead of having to download a whole app. No hustle, no friction and no waiting time.

Not only do we allow content creators to build exclusive AR campaigns through our patent pending Software-As-A-Service platform , but we also provide powerful analytics to track performance and get insights about customers behaviour.

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