A Closer Look To What 2019 Holds For The No-Code Solutions

Hello there, lovely people! This blog post will tackle all you need to know about No Code development platforms. By the end, you’ll learn why No Code solutions are a dream come true for so many businesses.

But first, let’s start with a quick internet experiment. Head over to Google. Now, just type in the word “logo”. Immediately, you’ll find that most search suggestions revolve around logo-creating tools. Even you’ll notice that most of these tools actually automatically generate logos for users after extracting some info.

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Perhaps, that’s because entrepreneurs with newly-founded ventures won’t invest, either time or money, into hiring graphic designers. No matter the reason, though, other entrepreneurs saw a demand, acted on it, and are currently reaping their rewards. Other than logos, there are also online generators for slogans, blog ideas, and even memes.

In the year 2019, there’s no reason the same concept can’t be applied to coding as well. Young entrepreneurs may possess a vision that can transform entire industries. Yet an algorithm could be all that’s stopping them from implementing that vision. But not anymore because that’s where the No Code wave comes in!

Today, there are a few Free Code platforms where users could actually take advantage of advanced tech without writing a single line of codes. Regardless, they are most needed to allow users to capitalize on their visionary ideas and bring them to life without having to acquire technical knowledge. They’d merely need to drag and drop and within moments they’d have the software of their dreams. Now, let’s take a look at all the magical perks of using No Code development platforms.

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1- No Code platforms amplifies efficiency and productivity

So far, we’ve mostly discussed how the No Code platforms benefit youngsters on their entrepreneurial paths. However, these platforms can also be of great service to big corporations. Such corporations with large numbers of employees need specific software to ensure smooth operation. This software may be as simple as one which employees use for input of their arrival and leaving times.

Some companies create this software and sell it to multiple clients. The problem is, not all organizations operate similarly. Each has its own needs. Thus, there’d have to be a degree of customizability. That’s what can be achieved using Code Free tools. Each organization can use it to create its own experience that helps facilitate its needs. Ultimately, when an organization has its own tailor-made applications, its operational efficiency and productivity will sore through the roof.

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2- No Code platforms boost creativity

Creativity is all about bridging gaps between problems and solutions through innovative ideas and engaging experiences. Despite that, with coding, at times, it is hard to implement the vision users have in the same creative way they’ve imagined it since they are always held back by technical obstacles as if codes generate whole new problems for them and put restrictions to how far they can go with their imagination.

This is exactly why free of code tools go hand in hand with the boosting users’ creativity, as it overcomes any technical limitations they might face to give them more space to focus more on the experience itself instead of the code behind it. Therefore, they’ll create interactive experiences and creative solutions that add value to their business.

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3- No Code platforms eliminate the necessity of having professional coders on board

Believe it or not, until the early 20th century, there was an actual occupation as a “human computer”. The job of these individuals was to handle tedious calculations for organizations. They had no say whatsoever in operations and they just had to follow a specified set of rules. That was until humanity invented computers and disposed of such exhausting job and skill.

It may be crazy to hear that such a job once existed. But, honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if I read blogposts in 20 years scoffing at the idea of coders. Coding will be looked at as tiresome and superfluous as we look at human computing now.

Of course, professional coders will never completely disappear. After all, they’re the ones who develop the No Code platforms for users. ( We love you guys)

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Still, coding won’t be essential to hacking some disruptive technologies and integrating it to achieve predefined business goals. Founders won’t have to learn a ton of coding languages to build prototypes and experiences around it. This will free them up to focus on other tasks allowing them to scale faster.

And when they do need coders, it won’t cost them as much as hiring full-time developers. Hence, No Code platforms are most certainly economic too. All that pushes entrepreneurs to venture into technological areas they see potential in with no hesitation.

One area some venturers have hesitated about entering is Augmented Reality. The coding behind AR experiences might be especially complicated. But at Augmania, we are working hard to help make AR accessible for the public through our code free platform!

AR is novel, accessible, versatile, and ultra fun. That’s why Augmania pioneered a No Code platform for AR content creation.

We believe in democratizing AR as a tech. In other words, AR should be for everyone. It’s too stimulating of a technology to only be accessible to developers. So now all you need to use the Augmania platform are creativity and an understanding of your business needs.

You’re only one step away from where all the magic begins. Sign up now to Augmania’s Web AR platform. It’s what dreams are made of!